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SaaS Alerts’ New Unify Module Due to Support Additional RMMs

At last week’s ChannelPro SMB Forum in Chicago, SaaS Alerts discusses additional RMM support for Unify and an upcoming configuration module for its cybersecurity platform. By Colleen Frye

SaaS Alerts’ new Unify component of its cybersecurity platform will be available for the Datto RMM in the next week or so, followed by support for Syncro and N-able RMMs, according to Ryan Ricciardi (pictured), vice president of partner success at SaaS Alerts. And in late Q3, SaaS Alerts will roll out a new configuration module, says Ricciardi, who spoke to ChannelPro at the ChannelPro SMB Forum in Chicago last week.

The upcoming configuration module “is something people have been clamoring for that will ultimately assist with ensuring that your customers are configured properly from the beginning. Not just monitoring the behavior after the fact, but helping you get them set up properly right out of the gate when they become a partner of yours,” explains Ricciardi, who adds that he could not disclose specifics at this time.

The Unify module, launched the last week of April, is built on SaaS Alerts’ monitoring, alerting, and automated response engine. Using an existing agent for Ninja RMM, ConnectWise Automate, or Kaseya VSA, Unify reconciles device data with SaaS data to help ensure only authorized users on authorized devices can gain access to critical company SaaS applications.

Unify is “a smarter way of bringing those alerts down to user behavior anomaly instead of just monitoring individual devices,” says Ricciardi. For example, if a user who normally logs in from Florida is detected logging in from Canada 24 hours later on the same device, it’s a more intelligent alert because it’s a device you already trust, he explains.

MSP partners, Ricciardi says, “wanted more definitive answers about where people were and how they were operating day to day. The smartest way we could think to do that was to incorporate something they're already relying on, so no more new agents, no new piece of software. In short, they were asking for more security and a less noisy product, and we provided both with [Unify].”

Unify is available at no extra cost and is predicated on the Respond module launched last June that allows users to take automated action following detected incidents, based on customized rules and policies.

Ricciardi says Unify “implements regular expressions into the Respond module, which makes it like infinitely more powerful. You can really modify everything.”

In other news, SaaS Alerts has a new Cool Rules Challenge for MSP partners that is open through the end of May. “We're encouraging our incumbent partners to go play with the new Unify module, play with the updated Respond module, and present to us a rule that they've designed that they think is very valuable for an MSP.” The three winners will receive a prize and their rules will be implemented into templates that others can leverage, he says.

Finally, SaaS Alerts just released a referral program. “If one of our MSP partners refers another person from the channel and they sign up with us,” says Ricciardi, “they get $500.”

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