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Chicago Shines as Host City for ChannelPro’s 1st 2024 Live Event

March 1, 2024 |

The live event on Feb. 28-29 brought together a full house of managed service providers and IT consultants for networking and business-boosting educational sessions.

Beyond AI: 7 Ways Creative Agencies Offer Value in High-Tech B2B Marketing for MSPs

February 27, 2024 | Scott Danish

MSP marketers can efficiently generate leads through a collaboration of AI analytics and creative input. Here’s how.

6 Ways to Defend Against Zero-day Attacks

February 26, 2024 | Nik Hewitt

Protecting an organization’s digital assets against unforeseen threats requires a proactive and layered security approach. Here are some steps MSPs can take.

Moovila CEO: Don’t Let Bad Project Data Poison Your Bottom Line

February 23, 2024 | Mike Psenka

Project data may be contaminating your MSP’s business decisions. Here’s how to fix it.

Wildix Joins the HubSpot App Marketplace

February 22, 2024 |

The integration between the two companies is designed to enhance communication and customer relationship management for businesses.

Is Generative AI a Panacea for Software Customer Service?

February 21, 2024 | Craig Mackereth

Here are some reasons why IT leaders should adopt a look-before-you-leap stance for delivering artificial intelligence-driven support and services for software.

The vCISO Opportunity: How Your MSP Can Take Advantage

February 18, 2024 |

Security officer services are hot right now. Are you selling them?

Revving Up the Workplace: FinQuery CTO Shares How AI Drives Innovation

February 15, 2024 | Andrew Larson

By remaining open to possibilities, business leaders can leverage artificial intelligence technology effectively while also ensuring that the right processes are in place.

2024 ChannelPro MSP Artificial Intelligence Guide (Free Download)

February 15, 2024 |

The AI momentum in the marketplace isn’t slowing down, it’s accelerating. The 2024 ChannelPro MSP AI Guide delivers insight into ways artificial intelligence and automation can be harnessed by IT services professionals. We also take a look at potential challenges and pitfalls that your team should be aware of. Get the MSP AI Guide Images: […]

HIPAA Compliant Faxes | Firewall as a Service | Recording Software for Classrooms | and more

January 30, 2024 |

Hot Topics Trending on the Members-Only ASCII Group Forum January 2024 trending topics: Ideas for optimal desk set-ups while working Ins and outs of firewall as a service (FWaaS) Recommendations for a digital footprint service Suggestions for an automated sound recording software for classroom environment  Alternatives to Faxing that are HIPAA compliant  If you were […]

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