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June 4, 2024 |

AI-as-a-Service Takes Shape for 3 MSPs

AvTek Solutions, LAN Infotech, and PCH Technologies share how they are working with the new AI-as-a-Service platform in their day-to-day business.

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Google Gemini are revolutionizing the way people work. They fuel innovation, automation, and efficiency.

However, these large language models (LLMs) have some shortcomings. Notably, they don’t adapt to a company’s specific needs, and they can expose private and proprietary data.

Hatz AI is taking aim at the challenge. The low-code AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) platform allows MSPs to rapidly build customized applications for themselves and for clients. And it could reshape or even transform many business processes and workflows.

Wayne Hunter of AvTek Solutions discusses AI as a Service

Wayne Hunter

“There are a lot of different plays with the technology,” stated Wayne Hunter, CEO of Dallas-based AvTek Solutions Inc.

AvTek Solutions was one of three MSP launch partners for Hatz AI. The others were Fort Lauderdale, FL-based LAN Infotech and Sewell, NJ-based PCH Technologies.

“There’s an opportunity to advance beyond the hype and confusion about AI and build applications that deliver real world benefits,” added LAN Infotech President and CEO Michael Goldstein.

Michael Goldstein of LAN Infotech discusses AI as a Service

Michael Goldstein

Getting Smart About AI

The question isn’t whether MSPs will use AI and make it available for clients. Rather, it’s how, when, and where the technology will roll out.

A 2023 McKinsey & Co. survey found that 79% of workers already use generative AI (GenAI) in one form or another, while 22% are tapping it on a regular basis. Moreover, 40% of those already using GenAI plan to dial up its usage.

As SMBs look to adopt GenAI for various uses, they must adapt and train systems to handle specific tasks without proprietary data flowing back into a publicly available model. “Ensuring that data is secure is critical,” Hunter said.

Hatz AI delivers AI agents and applications, vector storage, and custom-designed LLMs. The solution runs on an LLM ops engine called Mido that includes multitenant management through an MSP admin dashboard.

AIaaS Use Cases

PCH Technologies started by using Hatz AI internally to replace traditional platforms like ChatGPT across departments including sales, marketing, finance, MSP operations, and security.

Tim Guim of PCH Technologies

Timothy Guim

In addition, some of its clients that were early adopters of AI will be implementing Hatz AI to replace and enhance the traditional use of tools, explained PCH Technologies President and CEO Timothy Guim. “I expect there will be several iterations post-launch. I believe there will be enhancements that will come quickly to the platform as we have feedback from our early adopters.”

AvTek has developed marketing and sales applications for internal use — including generating social media posts. “Hatz AI is committed to building a robust product and it is working to make it available across a broad array of platforms and services,” Hunter said.

Meanwhile, LAN Infotech’s Goldstein views the platform as a toolkit for applications typically outside the orbit of many SMBs. These solutions include:

  • Automated customer service chatbots, AI-powered sales assistants that can pinpoint qualified leads and produce personalized marketing and sales pitches.
  • A content creation assistant capable of penning proposals and other written materials.
  • Systems that can parse and analyze documents, find the most important information, and generate an executive summary.

“There are opportunities to automate things large and small,” Goldstein emphasized.

The Data Opportunity

LAN Infotech is experimenting with an AI tool that can analyze spoken word patterns and detect the urgency in a person’s voice to route a phone call accordingly. It’s also looking into making contracts and other documents AI aware to detect issues, problems, and trends earlier. That way, it can elevate the most urgent matters.

“One of the things that makes the platform so valuable is the ability to combine external and internal data,” Hunter noted. For example, it could link market research or competitive data sources — like Gartner or Forrester, for example — to proprietary internal data using automation hooks built into Hatz AI. The result would be broader and deeper insights, and improved competitive intelligence, he said.

Building an AI Future

Low-code AI development represents the future of software, Hunter said. Hatz AI is purpose built specifically for MSPs, so it can enhance client relationships and drive strategic long-term engagement.

The platform enables value-added consulting relationships and helps establish a recurring revenue stream. Companies can build out their own AIaaS apps or work with the MSP to develop apps, he explained.

The Hatz AI platform can serve as a bridge to the gap between public GenAI models and SMBs’ individual needs, Goldstein concluded. “It moves past the hype and delivers workable tools and solutions.”

Image: iStock

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