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May 1, 2024 |

MSPs React to Comprehensive, Aggressively Priced Kaseya 365

Hear from MSP peers on the launch of the new Kaseya 365 program — designed to provide a crucial package of tech services at an affordable monthly price.

The industry was abuzz with speculation about Kaseya’s next big move ahead of the much-anticipated Kaseya Connect Global 2024 conference in Las Vegas this week.

CEO Fred Voccola in the opening keynote methodically made the case for why MSPs are poised for massive growth. However, services providers also are constrained by vendor fatigue, inefficiencies from limited automation, and high costs.

Main stage at Kaseya Gloal Connect 2024, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola announces Kaseya 365

The audience at Kaseya Connect Global 2024 cheers as Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola announces the price point for Kaseya 365.

According to Voccola, MSPs want a simple experience: fewer vendors to track, faster time to delivery, and prices that attract clients while delivering healthy margins.

The pretext was necessary because it laid the foundation for his big announcement: Kaseya 365. The goal was to bundle Kaseya’s most impactful services, make it easy to manage from a central dashboard, incorporate AI and automation at every opportunity, and to provide “can’t refuse” pricing.

In Voccola’s words, the new product bundle is purpose-built to help MSPs serve the needs of SMBs, the engine of the global economy.


  • One subscription for RMM, A/V, Ransomware Detection, 3rd Party SW Patch Management, EDR, MDR/Managed SOC, and Endpoint Backup.
  • $3.99 per endpoint per month, $1.75 per endpoint per month without MDR.
  • Includes 5 TB of backup storage.
  • Easy transition to this model for existing Kaseya partners.
  • Incorporates more than 250 automations designed to reduce technician hours by 1.25 hours per day and eliminate 96% of human error.
  • Seamless integration with other Kaseya products.
  • Launches in concert with its a series of MSP-friendly policy changes, labeled the Partner First Pledge.

The audience erupted into applause several times, but it was most enthusiastic when Voccola explained Kaseya 365’s particularly aggressive pricing strategy. At $3.99 per endpoint, MSPs will see an immediate 30-50% increase in profitability per endpoint, a bold assertion that underscores the potential for the product to significantly disrupt the market.

Security services, often a challenging sell due to high costs, are included in the package, ensuring that MSPs can provide top-tier protection without financial barriers. “This is about enabling MSPs to give every client the necessary protections, even if the client is reluctant to pay for premium security services,” Voccola explained.

Kaseya 365’s Potential to ‘Renovate’ the Industry

Several MSPs at the event were upbeat about the opportunities this could create for the channel.

“It’s a massive announcement for the industry,” said Andrew Baca, CEO of Abba Technologies located in Albuquerque, NM. “It’s going to change and renovate how the whole industry works. I think it’s going to bring our costs down so much, so there has to be a compelling reason not to go to it.”

Craig Nebel, support specialist with Lancaster, PA-based AVAIL Technology Solutions, is has been a Kaseya partner for nearly 5 years and is looking forward to the additional benefits. “Wow, this is a great deal. We use a lot of those products already. So, now that we’re getting them for that price point is phenomenal for us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kaseya’s new Partner First Pledge, announced alongside Kaseya 365, underscores the company’s commitment to supporting MSPs’ profitability and operational flexibility. The Partner First Pledge includes 1- and 3-year agreements for all Kaseya products, provides support in the event of catastrophic client loss, adds flexibility to reallocate dollars to other Kaseya products regardless of suite, and more.

Kristofer Luck, president of Chicago-based MSP Quest Network Services, said he was deeply impressed by the Partner First Pledge.

“My biggest fear is that I’m going to get locked in for three years, and then have a major client that goes out of business. I was always told, ‘You’re still on the hook for the duration of the contract,'” he noted. “But if Kaseya is willing to help if a big client goes belly up, I think that’s absolutely amazing.”

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