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Whaleback Rolls Out Softphone Apps for SMBs

CrystalBlue Mobile and CrystalBlue Desktop extend the capabilities of CrystalBlue Unified Communications to smartphones, tablets, and desktops. By Admin

Unified communications services provider Whaleback Managed Services has announced CrystalBlue Mobile (CB Mobile) and CrystalBlue Desktop (CB Desktop) as two new softphone application options for SMBs. The offerings are designed to extend the capabilities of CrystalBlue Unified Communications to smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

The new softphones are integrated into Whaleback’s CrystalBlue Unified Communications Service, designed to create a “seamless unified communications mobile experience,” according to Whaleback.

“For the first time, users have many of the same unified communications capabilities on any mobile device as if they were sitting at their desk,” states Whaleback in a press release submitted to Channelpro-SMB.

“For many of our customers, mobility is among the most critical of their business communications needs,” says Whaleback chief product officer Roger Walton. With CB Mobile, executives, salespeople, support staff, and remote workers can place and receive calls wherever they are with all of the convenience of being integrated with the company’s phone system.”

Each CB Mobile softphone can be configured as an independent extension, or alternatively to share the same extension as a desktop phone.

Soft phone enables SMB workers to:

  • Place and receive calls as if they were at their desk.
  • Place business calls without exposing private cell phone numbers.
  • Operate the phone via Wi-Fi when in-building cell service is poor.
  • Call from various public and private Wi-Fi networks.
  • Subscribe to unlimited calling plans and share those plans with CB Mobile.
  • Provide access to such phone system features as three- or four-digit extension dialing, system speed dialing, voicemail, or forwarding.
  • View and report all calls via Whaleback's CrystalBlue Call View.

CB Mobile is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones, while CB Desktop comes is available for Windows and Mac OSX. All versions are currently available provide the functionality of an office phone over a Wi-Fi network, a LAN connection, and/or a cellular data service.

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