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Sophos Adds Threat Hunting and Remediation to EDR Solution: Page 2 of 2

Available now at no extra cost in select editions of Sophos’s Intercept X system for endpoints and servers, the upgraded product includes tools for detecting indicators of compromise and mitigating them through a command line management interface. By Rich Freeman

Just over half of 5,000 global IT managers surveyed by Sophos recently—and 47% of those who work for businesses with 100-1000 employees—said their organization was struck by ransomware in the last year. Only 24% of businesses breached in those attacks detected the intrusion and blocked it before it encrypted their data. Figures like that, according to Schiappa, underscore the importance of utilizing both EDR software and behavior-based endpoint protection solutions like Intercept X. 

“The ability and the necessity to be able to detect things in your environment has just become table stakes,” he says.

That users of the earlier EDR system get access to the updated product’s threat hunting and response features at no additional charge, he continues, is a compelling added bonus. 

“It’s like you bought a Hyundai and you walked out your driveway one day and it’s a Mercedes,” Schiappa says. “Both are great cars. One’s a little more sophisticated than the other.”

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