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Kaseya Version 6.3 Examined

The latest version provides performance increases, more automation, and support for Windows 8 and Server 2012. By James E. Gaskin

Kaseya, an automated IT system management software company based in Switzerland that works with MSPs and resellers, rolled out version 6.3 of its product in January. Improvements include faster onboarding for clients and devices; improved best practices management content with hundreds of predefined views, maintenance routines, and policies; and full parity of the company's on-premises and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Liz Lederer, senior vice president, global field marketing and channel program, says, “Kaseya is the only vendor that supports all the different models - including SaaS, on-premise, subscription, perpetual license - for MSPs and resellers.” There are more than 100 resellers worldwide, including a master distributor for MSPs in Switzerland.

Certifications are available on the Kasaya management product as well as implementation training. The company's new “Discover K” initiative uses deep-dive video training, one-to-many online demonstrations, and Tech Jam videos to spread the word. All content provided internally for training employees is available to resellers and MSPs. To date, over 26,000 people have viewed one or more Tech Jam videos, according to Lederer.

Performance increases in the new version now mean that a single server can now manage more than 25,000 devices on the network. Increased automation means techs find it easier to manage more devices.

Support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Server 2012 are in version 6.3, along with support for OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6. Kaseya added mobile device management in the middle of 2011, focused on phones running iOS, Blackberry, and Android, along with popular tablets. Rather than requiring a license for each mobile device, Kaseya changed its contract to allow all customers to manage mobile devices in one pool of seats.

Other upgrades to the software include remote image deployment options, usability and navigation improvement, quicker search procedures, and more customization options. When used for software deployment, Kaseya 6.3 offers pre- and post-deployment remediation, and automatic remediation based on alarms.

Kaseya's core principles are “discover, manage, automate, and validate,” says Lederer. Improvements in best practices management tools include smart content that tracks the OS and types of systems on servers and responds appropriately. For instance, when the discovery process encounters Microsoft Exchange on a server, maintenance and policy settings for Exchange will be initiated automatically.

“We're not looking to be everything to everybody,” says Lederer. “We don't go in for bells and whistles, but we really want to focus on helping partners deliver solutions to their customers.”

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