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Acronis Adds Acronis Notary with Blockchain and CloudRAID to Software-Defined Storage

Acronis Storage offers immutable data authenticity verification and unites block, file, and object workloads using commodity hardware. By ChannelPro

Acronis, a provider of hybrid cloud data protection solutions, has announced Acronis Storage, a software-defined storage product with blockchain-based data authentication and universal file, block, and object support.

With the creation and value of data expanding to include all parts of business, solutions providers are finding themselves under pressure to protect the integrity, safety, and authenticity of customers’ data stored on their servers. Acronis Storage is designed to address these issues with Acronis CloudRAID and Acronis Notary with blockchain immutable validation to unite block, file, and object workloads using commodity hardware.

Acronis CloudRAID leverages erasure-coding technology to reconstruct protected data from data chunks and parity information stored elsewhere in the storage cluster. Acronis Notary with blockchain generates a time-stamped hash, or fingerprint, of protected data and stores it in Ethereum, a public blockchain-based distributed computing platform. By comparing two fingerprints of the same data, Acronis Storage is able to verify immutability, authenticity, and integrity of stored data.

Acronis' software-defined storage solution also offers:

  • High speed performance through SSD caching, auto load balancing, auto data distribution, and parallel replication.
  • A complete set of industry standard storage connectivity and APIs including Amazon S3 and iSCSI.
  • Configurable levels of redundancy for stored data through Acronis CloudRAID and allows data authenticity verification through blockchain-based immutable logging and watermarking.

Acronis Storage is now available. For additional information, visit

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