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Digital transformation drives new opportunities for connected power—and the potential for risk. By James Martin

A Well-Rounded Strategy

In addition to taking calculated steps like Elevate to align backup power technologies with the latest regulatory and industry guidelines, channel pros should employ cybersecurity best practices to keep connected infrastructure protected. Experts recommend:

  • Use a firewall and encrypt information.
  • Conduct routine security assessments.
  • Regularly update anti-virus software and anti-spyware.
  • Use advanced email filtering.
  • Establish powerful password policies and endpoint protection.
  • Offer employees cybersecurity awareness training.

Physical security measures, such as securing IT racks with security locks, can also help to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing IT equipment. And, as cybersecurity strategies evolve in the increasingly interconnected IT landscape, technology and solution providers should be willing to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to protect against potential risks to ensure their clients remain secure. 

Lasting Protection

As digital transformation continues, many solution providers are seeking to provide customers with infrastructure connected to their networks to help automate processes and drive new services. In this environment, with threat actors always looking to exploit potential vulnerabilities, cybersecurity should remain a consistent priority. The best-positioned MSPs will be those that look to secure backup power components as part of an end-to-end cybersecurity defense for their customers.

JAMES MARTIN is the global connectivity product manager at Eaton. He has promoted Eaton’s software and connectivity solutions for the past 10 years and built trusted technical adviser relationships with channel partners, field sales, and sales operations.

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