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June 11, 2024 |

Usage-Based Pricing: Pia Introduces New Model for aiDesk in Exclusive Interview

Pia adds a usage-based pricing option for cost control and flexibility while retaining its unlimited fixed price model.

In a significant move poised to reshape the landscape for the channel, Pia has introduced usage-based pricing for aiDesk, its AI-led automation platform.

Pia’s decision to roll out a usage-based pricing model comes as a response to feedback from its partners. Many MSPs have expressed the need for a more adaptable pricing structure, one that aligns with their variable workloads and budget constraints. According to Gerwai Todd, CEO of Pia, “With our new usage-based pricing model, partners are charged only for what they use, giving them greater control and flexibility over their costs. This allows MSPs to adjust the platform usage according to business needs without being tied to a fixed rate.”

Todd Gerwai Pia CEO

Todd Gerwai

The service desk is a significant challenge for MSPs, often plagued by inefficiencies that lead to higher labor costs and productivity losses. Pia’s aiDesk tackles these issues head-on by automating repetitive tasks like account management and multifactor authentication resets, freeing technicians to focus on more critical tasks, and improving overall service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

The primary advantage of this new model is the ability for MSPs to pay only for the resources and automations they utilize. This pay-as-you-go approach offers several critical benefits:

  • Cost Control: MSPs can better manage their expenses, paying only for the services they use rather than a fixed fee.
  • Transparency: With clear and detailed reporting, MSPs can monitor their usage and expenses more effectively.
  • Flexibility: The model allows MSPs to scale their usage up or down based on their business demands.

Despite the introduction of this new model, Pia still offers its traditional fixed pricing plans with unlimited usage. That’s reassuring for MSPs who prefer to plan around a regularly billed amount.

“We’re constantly working with our partners to determine their needs. While our original pricing fit many of our partners, others — especially those smaller in size — requested more flexibility. Providing both options allows our partners to choose the best pricing model for them,” Todd shared.

Enhancing Capabilities and the Road Ahead

Beyond pricing, Pia is innovating its platform in other ways. MSPs integrating Pia’s aiDesk into their PSA systems gain access to numerous features designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Recent additions like Extension Automations and Pia SmartForms demonstrate Pia’s dedication to providing tools that meet the evolving needs of MSPs.

“Over the next six months, we will continue to deliver on our roadmap, which is driven through partner feedback. We will prioritize capabilities and functionalities that will allow MSPs to see further efficiencies from their existing tools and processes,” Todd said.

Todd was pragmatic when discussing the future of AI and automation. While the buzz is undeniable, he stressed the importance of practical applications that solve real business problems.

“We must always ask, ‘How will this new tool or feature help partners in their businesses?’” he said. “Will it help them generate more revenue? Will it increase employee retention or reduce business costs? Before we as an industry get swept up in the allure of AI and automation, we must always consider the business problems we’re solving.”

The Keys to MSP Growth

For MSPs aiming to scale, Todd advised choosing vendors that invest in MSP growth, are collaborative by nature, and offer solutions to effectively address specific use cases.

“Always assess whether the tool solves a business challenge you’re currently facing. If it does, research the company offering the solution you’re evaluating. Does the company assist partners with growing and scaling their businesses? Or is it only looking out for itself? The IT channel is a community, and the vendors you partner with should want to be part of it,” he noted.

Pia’s introduction of usage-based pricing, alongside its ongoing platform enhancements, demonstrates a commitment to those core values. Their focus on helping IT professionals serve the needs of businesses in an efficient, cost-effective way is earning Pia both market share and a deep level of industry respect.

Image: iStock

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