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May 22, 2024 |

How Nerdio Manager’s Upgrade Enhances MSP Efficiency and Security

New features integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures, enhance operational efficiency, and address the evolving threat landscape.

AI-driven features and streamlined services are just a couple of things MSPs can look forward to with recent upgrades to a Nerdio product.

The cloud management platform that helps MSPs accelerate Microsoft deployments recently announced significant upgrades to its Nerdio Manager for MSP 5.0. These enhancements can help small to midsized services providers stay ahead of technological advancements and deliver top-tier services to clients.

One of its standout features is its seamless integration with existing infrastructures, according to Amol Dalvi, vice president of product for Nerdio. MSPs currently using Nerdio Manager can update to version 5.0 effortlessly. This ensures minimal disruption to ongoing operations. “All Nerdio updates are released in-app, giving customers the flexibility to choose when to deploy and apply the update,” Dalvi explained.

‘Painless and Fully Automated’

The upgrades to Nerdio Manager for MSP 5.0 streamline app deployment, enhance security, and promote a uniform app experience, the company said in a press release. Among those:

  • The Boot Diagnostics Insights enhancement leverages Azure AI OCR and boot image validation.
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint support and Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) capabilities empower MSPs to optimize operations and strengthen security measures.
Amol Dalvi shares benefits of Nerdio Manager for MSP 5.0

Amol Dalvi

“Boot Diagnostics Insight automatically validates the booting of backups, images, and host pools to the Windows Login screen, proactively identifying issues while streamlining work for IT admins,” Dalvi explained. This feature enhances service delivery and reduces the risk of encountering problems during critical operations.

Implementing Nerdio Manager for MSP (NMM) is straightforward. That eliminates common implementation challenges, allowing MSPs to quickly gain benefits from the platform’s advanced capabilities.

“Implementing NMM is painless and is fully automated in the Azure marketplace,” Dalvi noted. “For those who have no Azure Virtual Desktop or Intune footprint whatsoever, they can be up and running with NMM 5.0 in 60 minutes or less.”

AssistPro and UAM Enhance Operational Efficiency

Managing multiple customers with diverse applications is often a significant challenge for MSPs. Nerdio Manager for MSPs’ Unified Application Management (UAM) addresses this by centralizing app storage, making it easier to deliver applications to specific clients, users, groups, devices, or device types.

Meanwhile, GenAI chatbot AssistPro further boosts efficiency by providing quick support. This reduces the need for service requests and enables MSPs to resolve issues faster.

An ideal scenario MSPs aim to achieve for a first-touch response time is about one hour. However, industry standards suggest that most issues are resolved within eight to 24 hours — possibly due to specific vendors’ long wait times for service requests.

“This is where AssistPro comes in,” Dalvi noted. “Our GenAI chatbot is trained on Nerdio’s knowledge base to help MSPs with support and ‘how-to’ questions instantly, without needing to submit a service request. This is a game changer for MSPs, giving them the most accurate, context-aware help in real-time and, in turn, boosting their productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Future Innovations: AI and Machine Learning

Dalvi didn’t hold back on admitting that Nerdio is bullish on AI. ScriptPro, an upcoming AI assistant, will specialize in generating scripted actions for Azure and Windows tasks. This includes tasks like installing software, configuring Azure resources, and disabling services.

“A central focus of our product strategy is integrating AI across all our products,” Dalvi states. The ongoing integration of AI aims to enhance contextual support, streamline operations, and simplify report generation, further empowering MSPs.

NMM 5.0 equips MSPs with powerful tools to deliver superior service excellence. MSPs can measure improvements in client satisfaction through metrics such as response resolution times, operational efficiency, and customer feedback. The enhanced features ensure that MSPs can offer more value, protect their clients better, and maintain a competitive edge.

Overall, Nerdio Manager for MSP 5.0 offers robust features that streamline operations, enhance security, and boost efficiency for MSPs.

Image: DALL-E

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