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April 30, 2024 | Tony Pietrocola

Built for the Channel: How AI and Deep Learning are Transforming the SOC for Partner Ecosystems

The rise of AI-driven attacks has increased the need for an AI-driven response to allow MSPs and SMBs to move at the speed of an attack – not just in response to one.

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, the integration of artificial intelligence and deep learning has become a game-changer for security operations centers (SOCs). For managed IT service providers catering to small and midsized businesses (SMBs), this integration marks a pivotal shift in fortifying defenses against evolving threats.

Traditionally, SOCs have been the nerve center for monitoring and responding to cybersecurity incidents. But with the rise of AI-driven attacks, the need for an AI-driven response has become critical to allow MSPs and SMBs to move at the speed of an attack – not just in response to one.

Channel Partners Evolve

MSPs are the front line for SMBs, entrusted with safeguarding critical data against an increasingly sophisticated array of cyber threats. Now, the collaborative efforts between channel partners and SMBs have taken on new dimensions with the infusion of AI and deep learning capabilities.

Large language models (LLMs) and AI like SecurityBERT and FalconLLM have shown tremendous results in replacing traditional ML-rules engine processing for cyber threat detection and response, showing 98% accuracy in early testing.

This makes traditional cyber capabilities obsolete, with AI creating a new SOC that responds at the speed of an attack.

Tony Pietrocola of AgileBlue

Tony Pietrocola

The Role of AI and Deep Learning in SOCs

Let’s explore a few ways AI and Deep Learning are transforming the SOC:

  1. Threat Detection and Prediction: AI-powered algorithms leverage machine learning to analyze vast amounts of data from diverse sources. This enables early detection of anomalies and potential threats that might evade traditional rule-based systems. Deep learning, a subset of AI, further enhances this capability by autonomously identifying patterns within data — even in complex, unstructured formats.
  2. Incident Response and Automation: Automation is a cornerstone of AI and deep learning integration within SOCs. These technologies empower rapid and precise incident response by automating repetitive tasks, allowing human analysts to focus on strategic decision-making and tackling sophisticated threats. Automated responses to certain threats significantly reduce the response time, mitigating potential damages.
  3. Behavioral Analysis and Risk Assessment: Deep learning models excel in behavioral analysis, learning patterns from user behaviors and network activities. This enables the creation of baseline behaviors, making it easier to find deviations that could signal potential security breaches. Additionally, AI-driven risk assessment provides a proactive approach by predicting potential vulnerabilities based on historical data.

Empowering SMB-focused SOCs Through Collaboration

The essence of this transformation lies in the collaboration between channel partners and SMBs. MSPs equipped with expertise in AI and cybersecurity technologies play a pivotal role in integrating these advanced capabilities seamlessly into the fabric of SMB-focused SOCs. They provide the necessary tools, guidance, and support required to implement and optimize AI-driven solutions within SOC frameworks.

Challenges and the Road Ahead

While the integration of AI and deep learning in SMB-focused SOCs offers promising benefits, it also presents challenges. These include concerns about the ethics and biases embedded in AI algorithms, the shortage of skilled professionals capable of managing these technologies, and the evolving nature of cyber threats.

The future of cybersecurity in the SMB landscape is promising. Advancements in AI and deep learning coupled with a commitment to addressing ethical considerations and investing in talent development will fortify defenses against emerging threats.

A New Era in Cybersecurity for SMBs

The convergence of human expertise with the power of AI and deep learning marks a significant paradigm shift in cybersecurity for SMB-focused SOCs. As SMBs increasingly rely on MSP partners, a collaborative approach will be paramount to ensuring resilience against dynamic cyber risks.

In principle, the fusion of human intelligence with the capabilities of AI and deep learning signals a new era in cybersecurity, one where proactive defense mechanisms and strategic collaborations pave the way for a more secure digital future.

This type of comprehensive integration promises protection and a proactive stance against the ever-evolving threat landscape, fostering a safer digital ecosystem for SMBs to thrive.

Tony Pietrocola is co-founder and president of AgileBlue, an AI-powered XDR | SOAR platform that detects and responds to cyber threats faster and more accurately across an entire network and cloud infrastructure. He is a seasoned technology executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in leading, scaling, and transforming SaaS companies.

Image: iStock

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Built for the Channel: How AI and Deep Learning are Transforming the SOC for Partner Ecosystems

April 30, 2024 | Tony Pietrocola

The rise of AI-driven attacks has increased the need for an AI-driven response to allow MSPs and SMBs to move at the speed of an attack – not just in response to one.

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