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April 22, 2024 |

Insights from Insight Cyber: Empowering MSPs for Enhanced Security Solutions

Cal Jeffrey shares how the vendor can help elevate MSPs’ role in the cybersecurity landscape.

Cal Jeffrey believes his mission is clear: Simplifying the role MSPs play in threat detection and response.

The director of strategic partnerships for Insight Cyber emphasized that as cybersecurity threats grow more intricate and pervasive, IT services providers are on the front lines, striving to protect their clients from potential breaches. Insight Cyber aims to elevate MSPs’ role in the cybersecurity landscape by providing innovative, AI-driven solutions that enable real-time threat detection and remediation.

“We can help companies convert from an industry average of 277 days to detect and remediate a breach down to less than a day,” Jeffrey said in an exclusive interview during the ChannelPro LIVE: Orlando event in April.

Matt Whitlock of ChannelPro, Chris Walter of Avast, Brian Doty of Kaseya IT Complete, and Cal Jeffrey of Insight Cyber at ChannelPro LIVE: Orlando

Insight Cyber’s Cal Jeffrey (right) talks about AI during a panel discussion at ChannelPro LIVE: Orlando.

Insight Cyber’s rapid response capability is vital for MSPs who manage the security of multiple SMB clients, ensuring that threats are neutralized swiftly and minimizing potential damage.

A Partner-centric Approach

Insight Cyber’s business model is structured exclusively around supporting MSPs — not competing with them.

This approach allows MSPs to leverage Insight Cyber’s technology without the fear of direct competition or market dilution. “We don’t market to sell to or do lead gen to end customers. We’re only interested in finding the right partners for an MSP,” Jeffrey said.

Additionally, the cost structure of Insight Cyber’s services is straightforward, based on the number of sensors installed and the users monitoring them.

More significantly, the company can offer the value of sharing 30 years of AI development with MSPs, Jeffrey explained. This accelerates customer remediation and increases satisfaction while keeping costs down. “It gives [the MSP’s frontline Tier 1 sales or service rep] the same level of intelligence and expertise,” he noted.

Empowering MSPs Through Education, Support, and Partnership

Insight Cyber understands the challenges MSPs face in educating customers about cybersecurity, so its sales and operational models are designed around ease of use and accessibility.

Cal Jeffrey of Insight Cyber

Cal Jeffrey

The company ensures that its offerings are easy to sell and buy, with tools for quotes, expansions, or renewals accessible through a self-service portal, Jeffrey said. The streamlined system eliminates typical sales hurdles, fostering a more effective partnership between the vendor and MSPs.

In fact, Insight Cyber’s philosophy extends beyond short-term gains to cultivating enduring relationships with MSPs. “True partnering is a long-term relationship,” Jeffrey asserted, emphasizing the opportunity for MSPs to package Insight Cyber solutions with their own offerings to drive higher margins and enhance their market position.

Future-proofing MSP Operations

Insight Cyber’s support isn’t only available to MSPs in today’s challenging environment; the company offers opportunities for services providers to confidently expand in this space in the future, too.

The expansive market of operational technology is ripe with opportunities for MSPs but often lacks adequate security measures. That’s where Insight Cyber’s support can arm MSPs with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed, Jeffrey emphasized. “We are in the business to enable partners to solve problems.”

By providing cutting-edge technology and a supportive partnership model, Insight Cyber enhances the capability of MSPs to manage cybersecurity threats while empowering them to thrive in a complex digital ecosystem.

Image: iStock

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