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February 16, 2024 |

Hot Cybersecurity Statistics – February 2024

ChannelPro shares some of the most interesting cybersecurity related statistics published in February 2024.

Here’s a closer look at some recent key statistics in cybersecurity:

Keeper Security IT Security Survey

Keeper Security commissioned an independent research agency to survey over 800 IT security leaders around the globe about what’s on the cybersecurity horizon.

95% of IT leaders say cyberattacks are more sophisticated than ever before.

Attack Vectors Increasing the Fastest

  1. Phishing
  2. Malware
  3. Ransomware
  4. Password attacks
  5. Denial of service (DoS)

The Most Serious Emerging Vectors

  1. AI-powered attacks
  2. Deepfake technology
  3. Supply chain attacks
  4. Cloud jacking
  5. IoT attacks

“As emerging technologies, such as AI, fuel the next wave of cyber threats, a great paradox lies in our ability to implement the very innovations that, if not controlled properly, will radically increase cyber risk. With the cybersecurity tools at our disposal today, we possess the arsenal to mitigate emerging threats – thereby converting this challenge into an opportunity for resilience and fortification of our digital defenses.” – Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder, Keeper Security

U.S. News & World Report – Digital Privacy Survey Report 2024

U.S. News & World Report published its Digital Privacy Survey Report 2024 after polling 1,200 U.S. adults in December 2023 using Pollfish, a third-party survey platform. The margin of error is 3% with a 95% confident level.

Cyber Attack Fears, Data Protection

  • 65% of surveyed U.S. adults worry about cyber attacks on the U.S. in 2024.
  • 38% — more than one in three respondents — don’t have any form of cybersecurity insurance and don’t think they need it.
  • 80% feel confident they would be able to recognize a phishing email, with 33% feeling very confident; 20% do not feel confident they would be able to recognize a phishing email.
  • 42% — nearly half — don’t believe they have ever accidentally clicked on a link in a phishing email.
  • 35% say they have accidentally clicked on a link in a phishing email.

  • 44% — nearly half — say they have experienced data breached multiple times.
  • 37% say they received notification that their accounts or personal data was breached/compromised at least once in 2023.
  • 55% — more than half — believe it is possible to avoid being a victim of a data breach.
  • 61% — more than three in five — said they had at some point learned their personal data had been breached or compromised in at least one account.
  • 6% said they had been notified of a breach “too many times to count.”

Password Security

  • 27% — more than one in four — keep their account passwords saved in a password manager app.
  • 48% nearly half feel confident that a subscription password manager app would keep their personal data safe.
  • 24% — more than one in five — say they memorize their (similar) account passwords.
  • 26% — more than one in four — write their account passwords on paper.
  • 17% said they use the notes app on their phone or a similar digital folder, something experts say is risky, especially if you lose your device.

CybSafe 2024 Cybersecurity Research

Cybsafe conducted a survey of over 1,000 office workers in the U.K. and U.S. to examine attitudes towards cybersecurity teams, the perceived necessity for cybersecurity, investment in cyber defenses, satisfaction with cybersecurity team responses, and more.

Trust and Perception of Cybersecurity Teams

  • 97% of respondents trust their cybersecurity team’s ability to prevent or minimize cyberattack damage.
  • 86% see the cybersecurity team as necessary.
  • 72% consider it a vital company operation.
  • 85% believe their company invests enough in cyber defenses.

Engagement and Response to Communications

  • 52% read emails from cybersecurity teams immediately.
  • 36% read emails within a day.
  • 88% were satisfied with the cybersecurity team’s guidance.
  • 5% were dissatisfied with the cybersecurity team’s response.

Impact on Work and Business Success

  • 74% believe security teams enable business goals.
  • 77% say they enable personal work objectives.
  • 7% feel their cybersecurity team has negatively impacted their work experience.

Concerns and Perceived Obstructions

  • 38% have felt obstructed by security measures.
  • 24% felt hindered in personal progress.
  • 25% found the cyber team intrusive.
  • 33% are unfamiliar with the cyber team’s roles and responsibilities.

Training Needs and Shared Responsibility

  • 45% believe more mandatory cyber training is needed for regular employees.
  • 82% think everyone shares responsibility for organizational protection, not just the cybersecurity teams.

“We hear a lot of negativity regarding the uphill battle faced by many cybersecurity teams, especially those protecting sensitive data. Despite this, however, this research displays that professionals have a high level of confidence in the capabilities and actions of security professionals.” – Oz Alashe MBE, CEO of CybSafe

Images: iStock 

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