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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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July 10, 2020 |

ICYMI: Our Channel News Roundup for the Week of July 6th

Hardware-as-a-service from Zoom, virtualization management help from SolarWinds, and a new high water mark in the globe’s ongoing hunt for stupid ways to spend $4,000 are just a few of the many stories we’ve finally gotten around to sending your way.

The name “”Fay”” brings to mind an aunt who lives a few states over. Thanks to 2020, Fay is maybe the earliest named tropical storm ever to hit the Northeast. Flash flood warnings for New York, Philadelphia, and all of New Jersey indicate the amount of rain expected. On Saturday Fay heads north but will calm down to normal rain when it hits Canada. Gee, 2020, is it something we said? While looking for umbrellas, we missed some newsbits, so let’s catch up.

Zoom HaaSBig-time cloud news. Anyone else wonder if COVID-19 owns Zoom stock? From seemingly nowhere, Zoom became nearly indispensable. Now the company’s released a Zoom Hardware-as-a-Service program with hardware vendors like DTEN, Neat, Poly, and Yealink.

One of the most popular Internet of Things projects is to monitor industrial equipment. When you have lots to manage, you might check out AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service that helps you collect, organize, and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale. Now available.

Security news. Hello to the new on-premises Kaspersky Research Sandbox to allow teams to detect and analyze targeted threats while making sure the bad bits don’t escape and run wild through your network. Includes an API to play well with other security solutions for more analysis.

All your executive clients carry mobile phones, meaning you must protect those elusive endpoints with some measure of phishing protection (because … vice presidents). Welcome to the new MobileIron Threat Defense with threat detection and remediation to protect iOS and Android devices.

F5 Silverline Shape DefenseWebsites have to be both open to all comers and secure. F5’s new Silverline Shape Defense (pictured) protects your sites against fake Internet traffic, bots, and credential stuffing. Works with F5’s Silverline DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, and Threat Intelligence.

Cato Networks now offers Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) accreditation to members of its new Cato Distinguished Support Providers (CDSP) program. There’s no training cost to reach the CDSP-Certified and CDSP-Expert levels, but only select partners will be accredited in each region.

Exabeam and Armis teamed up to improve security and management for IoT devices and more. IoT data from Armis feeds into the Exabeam Security Management Platform, and Exabeam’s Smart Timelines feeds alerts to Armis.

Now available, Imperva’s Cloud Data Security provides visibility and compliance oversight for database-as-a-service data in minutes.

Other product news. Want to see more, and better manage, your hypervisors, hybrid networks, and multi-cloud environments? Of course. Then chat up the folks at SolarWinds about the new Virtualization Manager including HCI monitoring.

TeamViewer and Elo shook virtual hands to integrate the EloView SaaS platform for device management with TeamViewer to add on-to-one device troubleshooting for Elo-based digital signage, point-of-sale, and self-service devices.

More management options make you happy? Then check out Zyxel’s new hybrid switches. The Zyxel Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 managed switches can be controlled via the cloud, Web (GUI), and command line interfaces. The Zyxel GS2220 family goes from 8 to 48 ports with PoE versions as well.

Hiperwall HidraLinkHow do you discreetly check employee or customer temperatures? Try the new Hiperwall HidraLink video wall (pictured) with turnkey options from Seneca. Turns out Hiperwall has been able to monitor temperatures for a decade. The new software can now put the info on the video wall if you want.

Like Microsoft Teams? Like Citrix Workspace App Linux Client? IGEL OS delivers both, allowing calling, online meetings, chat, and collaboration directly from Citrix VDI endpoints.

CoreDial just launched CoreNexa WFM, an integrated workforce management module for its CoreNexa Contact Center. Cloud-based with a drag-and-drop interface for monitoring, tracking plan goals, and forecasting demand.

Anthony D'AngeloNon-product vendor news. More news from Cato Networks: They’ve named Anthony D’Angelo (pictured) their new vice president of global channel sales and business development

New biz cards are needed for Nabil Bukhari at Extreme Networks. He takes on the role of chief technology officer while retaining his current chief product officer duties.

TPx brings in Don Joos as CEO. Also joining, Ken McMahon takes over as senior vice president of customer success.

Some boosts to the SYNNEX Westcon Secure Networking Program include an expanded slate of virtual events and additions to the tools and resources designed to help partners move forward.

A multiyear collaboration agreement establishes AWS as a Rackspace Technology preferred cloud vendor. Plan is to give customers more bang for their AWS buck.

Phone systems need network links, and SD-WAN is the link of choice for many companies today. Behold the deal extending the 8×8 Open Communications Platform across the Aryaka managed SD-WAN service.

Top honors, meaning “”Cloud Verified,”” were bestowed on US Signal by VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware iCloud Director.

Wave the channel flag for the new Trustwave PartnerOne global partner program. Uses a two-tier distribution and referral model to help drive market growth.

Remote video monitoring and crime deterrence player Pro-Vigil launched its Pro-Vigil Partner Program. Will help commercial security dealers grow with recurring monthly revenue.

This week’s stats ticker:

Thanks to Sophos and its “”The State of Cloud Security 2020,”” we know that 70% of organizations fell victim to a public cloud security incident last year. Ransomware and other malware led with 50%, followed by exposed data (29%), compromised accounts (25%), and cryptojacking (17%). Multi-cloud environments are 50% more likely to suffer a cloud security incident than those running a single cloud. And while many Americans complain about GDPR, Europeans suffered the lowest percentage of security incidents. India (no GDPR) fared the worst, with 93% of organizations reporting an attack last year. Misconfigurations were exploited in 66% of attacks. 33% blamed stolen cloud provider account credentials for their attacks. Vanson Bourne surveyed more than 3,500 IT managers around the world who currently host data and workloads in the public cloud.

Solid Gold BuffoonFor the idiot who has everything, including too much money. India is busy fighting COVID-19, so facemasks are becoming commonplace. But who wants a regular old face covering? Not Shankar Kurhade.

The resident of Pune, India paid $4,000 to create a facemask made of pure gold. Yes, two ounces of pure gold that took two days to make.

Kurhade says, “”it is a thin mask and has tiny pores that is helping me to breathe.”” Let’s hope there’s a filter in there somewhere.

Turns out Kurhade is a big, big fan of gold and gold jewelry. He commonly wears gold bracelets and necklaces along with gold rings on each finger of his right hand.

Why make a $4,000 mask of pure gold? Seems Kurhade read about someone with a mask made from silver and replied with the Indian equivalent of “”challenge accepted.”” 

Photo: Reuters

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