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September 26, 2017 |

Adaptiva Introduces Windows 10 Accelerator Program at Microsoft Ignite

Program Combines OneSite, Complimentary Community Tools, Microsoft MVP Training and Guides, and New Client Health Security Checks

Adaptiva, the market leader in modern endpoint management, today announced the launch of the†Adaptiva Windows 10 Accelerator Program†for new and existing customers. The program provides a stress-free, cost-effective way for enterprises to plan and test, deploy, and maintain Windows 10. It combines all the products, tools, training, and guides necessary to perform near zero-touch Windows 10 deployments into a single end-to-end ecosystem for enterprises.

“Windows 10 is not your average upgrade, so Adaptiva has made the process as simple and painless as possible without trying to sell companies unnecessary products that they don’t need to purchase,” said Jim Souders, chief executive officer at Adaptiva. “There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace right now which we want to eliminate by offering customers a streamlined Windows 10 solution.”

Adaptiva is debuting its Windows 10 Accelerator Program in booth 645 at†Microsoft Ignite, running September 25-29, 2017, in Orlando. Also, companies are encouraged to attend Adaptiva’s breakout speaking session, “How to achieve ‘stress-free OSD’ with Windows 10 and Microsoft System Center,” at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26, to learn more about the program.

The Challenges of Windows 10 Deployments

According to Adaptiva’s†2017 Windows 10 Enterprise Impact Survey, there has been a recent acceleration of Microsoft Windows 10 uptake in the enterprise, yet 65 percent of enterprises ranked the Windows 10 migration experience as somewhat to extremely challenging. With its Windows 10 Accelerator Program, Adaptiva seeks to alleviate unnecessary stress and expense associated with migrating to Windows 10.

The program launched to support enterprises that don’t want to be burdened with purchasing a large suite of third-party products and services to deploy Windows 10. Adaptiva augmented their advanced endpoint management and security products with all the program components necessary to keep costs low and ease customers through every step of the Windows 10 deployment process.

Windows 10 Accelerator Program Components

The Windows 10 Accelerator Program contains four key components:

1)Adaptiva OneSite

The Windows 10 Accelerator Program includes Adaptiva’s award-winning content distribution engine,†OneSite, which is used by hundreds of enterprises to speed their Windows 10 deployments. OneSite uses intelligence, peer-to-peer automation, and bandwidth optimization techniques to efficiently deliver content, like Windows 10, to the entire enterprise faster than any other software distribution product available today.

OneSite enables enterprises to slash operating system deployment costs by deploying Windows 10 without the need for vast server infrastructure. With OneSite, any Windows system can become a PXE server, responding to client requests and serving OS images from a virtual storage area network that OneSite sets up automatically at each operating location. It also provides increased visibility and control over Windows 10 deployments with the ability to view, pause, resume, reprioritize, and cancel content transfers in real time and add automated workflows to every step of the deployment process.

2)Client Health for Windows 10

The Windows 10 Accelerator Program includes a one-year license for Adaptiva’s†Client Health for Windows 10. This product includes a subset of the nearly 100 health checks included in the company’s powerful Client Health endpoint security configuration management product.

Client Health for Windows 10 automatically checks an endpoint’s Windows-specific hygiene and compliance by running prepackaged health checks. These checks identify any problems; repair those issues; and then test, verify, and report on success. IT teams simply need to set up the schedule for running the health checks, and Client Health for Windows 10 will automate the rest.

The product includes nearly 40 Windows OS-specific health checks to help enterprises proactively manage Windows 10 endpoints post-deployment. These health checks perform a variety of functions, including fixing security settings, driving corporate policy compliance, and maintaining endpoint health. A full list of Client Health for Windows 10 health checks can be found in this†datasheet.

3)Microsoft MVP Training and Guides

Adaptiva also teamed with some of the top Windows 10 experts in the industry, including Microsoft MVPs Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom, to create hours of custom video training and guides to help enterprise IT teams get deployment-ready. Key guides and training included in the Windows 10 Accelerator Program include:

  • Windows 10 Deployment Fundamentals video training custom created for Adaptiva by TrueSec
  • Windows 10 Security Design Guide custom created for Adaptiva by Microsoft MVP Cliff Hobbs
  • Adaptiva Windows 10 educational materials, including a Windows 10 primer, deployment best practices guides, product video training, Windows 10 educational webinars, and more

4)Windows 10 Community Tools

Adaptiva also evaluated and selected best-in-class, freely available community tools to help IT teams perform a number of key Windows 10 deployment tasks. Some of the tools Adaptiva created or curated for enterprise use include:

  • Adaptiva’s automated BIOS to UEFI conversion tool and sample application migration task sequences
  • Tools for auditing recently used applications to assist with software license management
  • Tools to manage user self-scheduled deployments and compliance throughout the enterprise

The program leverages readily available Microsoft technologies, including Upgrade Readiness and Software Center, to perform key Windows 10 deployments tasks like application compatibility testing and user self-scheduling. This focus on using Microsoft-supported tools whenever possible reduces the complexity and costs associated with installing and supporting third-party products during the Windows 10 deployment process.

Pricing and Availability

The Adaptiva Windows 10 Accelerator Program will be available for general release on October 30, 2017.

For existing OneSite customers who wish to take advantage of the Adaptiva Windows 10 Accelerator Program at no additional cost, please contact your account representative.

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