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Diversity Focus

February 1st, 2021 | ChannelPro
Looking for a daily dose of insights, advice, and inspiration on building a diverse organization? Bookmark CompTIA’s Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Tip of the Day page. Fresh, concise updates five times a week! Click here to view  - read more
April 18th, 2023 | Esther Shein
When it comes to DEI, leaders and others in privileged groups who aspire to be part of the solution must understand and pursue allyship. - read more
March 21st, 2023 | Colleen Frye
Research from Info-Tech Research Group finds Black tech professionals are less satisfied with their jobs than their colleagues and face longer job searches and obstacles to advancement. - read more
March 17th, 2023 | Colleen Frye
SANS’ dual commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion and strengthening the cybersecurity workforce dovetail in the new academy. - read more
March 3rd, 2023 | Carolyn Heinze
Inclusive leaders diligently identify potential biases, work to overcome them, and solicit a diverse range of perspectives. - read more
February 6th, 2023 | Colleen Frye
For some employees, the ability to be open about their faith is an important component of “bringing their whole selves” to work. - read more
December 9th, 2022 | ChannelPro Weekly
No one likes problems, everyone likes money, and the two have a habit of going together. Quite a conundrum, no? - read more
November 28th, 2022 | Colleen Frye
Efforts to turn DEI commitments into concrete actions are underway, but it’s still early days. - read more
October 12th, 2022 | ChannelPro
Three women of the channel raise awareness of issues that male counterparts never experience and discuss the role all of us can play in rectifying them. - read more
September 30th, 2022 | Colleen Frye
Digitunity's Susan Krautbauer and Inspiredu's Oneisha Freeman explain why device ownership is key to digital equity and how channel pros can help close the digital divide while differentiating their MSP businesses. - read more


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