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Verio Announces New Category of Web Hosting

First of its kind offering, says the company, providing simple-to-use Web hosting solutions with isolated resources designed for SMBs. By Admin

Denver-based Verio Inc., a provider of such online business solutions for SMBs as Web hosting, application hosting, and Software as a Service (SaaS), announced Advanced Business Hosting, a new category of webhosting that provides what the company says is enterprise-level hosting at a small business price.

Using its underlying Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology, Verio's Advanced Business Hosting provides customers with dedicated containers that are individually optimized for Web, email, and database functionality and are isolated from other Verio customers at a price similar to traditional shared hosting plans. This new category of hosting provides a company with superior performance, security, and reliability, according to the company.

"More and more small and mid-sized companies are looking to move to the next level of online performance, especially as challenging economic times make it essential to sharpen business practices in an affordable way," says Ray Boggs, Vice President of SMB Research for IDC. "As they integrate more online functions into their core business, SMBs have a growing need for secure and reliable hosting, making resources like those from Verio increasingly important for long term success."

Verio's Advanced Business Hosting 
Verio's Advanced Business Hosting provides simple-to-use hosting solutions with isolated resources and multisite capabilities. This new offering will give SMBs the ability to host business critical applications that require a more secure environment and go beyond a standard informational Web site and use hosting as the tool that integrates their business with their Web site.

Plans and Pricing
Advanced Business Hosting offers three plans:

  • Foundation Web - $9.95; for businesses with a simple need for a turnkey solution for Web hosting, providing private email, Web server space, and the ability to host up to four unique Web sites. 
  • Professional Web - $29.95; for the businesses requiring more resources and flexibility for e-commerce, multimedia, and other resource-intensive needs. It has private database server space in addition to Web and email server space and the ability to host up to eight unique Web sites.
  • Advanced Web - $84.95; for growing businesses that understand that the Web is critical to their business operations-companies that want to maximize available email, Web server, and database resources to cover periods of high usage/growth and provide the highest level of turnkey performance without migrating to a private server solution. It can host up to 16 unique Web sites.

"This new class of hosting is like paying for coach and getting bumped up to first class," says Laurel Delaney, president and founder, (a Global TradeSource, Ltd. company). "As a small business owner, I am [continually] looking for ways to grow my business and increase revenues, and my Web site is a primary mechanism for doing this. With Verio's Advance Business Hosting, I can expand my online presence by leveraging these new enterprise level resources but at a price tag designed for small businesses."



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