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ManageEngine Strengthens Office 365 Security with Content Search Capability

New functionality allows organizations to spot emails containing personal information, phishing emails, and malicious attachments. By ChannelPro

ManageEngine has added Office 365 content search capability to O365 Manager Plus, its Office 365 administration solution. Available immediately, the new capability notifies administrators when official emails contain personally identifiable information (PII), classified information, and malicious content that may jeopardize compliance and security.

According to ManageEngine, over 205 billion emails are sent every day despite the popularity of newer communication options like texting and social media messaging, making it the most common form of organizational communication. As a result, emails are the most targeted digital entity by intruders. With more than 135 million active Office 365 users, and a growing number of organizations adopting Office 365 for business communication, the need to fortify Office 365 has never been more important.

"With more email moving through Office 365, and our dependency on connectivity swelling, it is high time to focus on our defense strategies against cyber-attacks," said Parthiban Paramasivam, product manager at ManageEngine, in a press statement. "That's why we have equipped O365 Manager Plus with the advanced mailbox content search feature to help you secure your email setup while ensuring compliance to HIPAA, GDPR, and other government and industry mandates."

O365 Manager Plus's Content Search Capability allows organizations to:

  • Identify emails containing personal information: O365 Manager Plus can identify emails with personal and classified information in near real time. Sharing such information via email violates GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and other regulatory and compliance policies.
  • Identify phishing emails: O365 Manager Plus can analyze internet message headers, which provide technical details on the actual sender's email address, the platform used to compose the email, and the servers it has passed through. This allows IT admins to identify phishing emails sent by an attacker masquerading as a legitimate person.
  • Warn users of malicious mail attachments: According to ManageEngine, mail attachments are one of the most common ways to deliver malware to end user systems. O365 Manager Plus can identify all emails with attachments and notify IT admins when such emails are sent or received.

Pricing on O365 Manager Plus starts at $345 for 100 users or mailboxes, and $95 per technician. A fully functional, 30-day trial version is also available.

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