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Liebert GXT3 UPS Makes Its Debut

Emerson Network Power says UPS units are marketable to SMBs as 'key to increasing availability, reducing downtime risks, and enabling future growth.' By Admin

The Liebert GXT3 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is now shipping globally, according to its maker, Emerson Network Power

The new UPS from Emerson is configurable as a tower or as a rack-mount model. It boasts a compact footprint as it delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to connected equipment.

 The GXT3 UPS transfers power to a battery without a break. It is available in 120-volt and 230-volt systems, in models from 500 VA to 3,000 VA capacities, with battery backup in just 2U of rack space.

Matching external, 2U-high battery cabinets are also offered for extra backup time.

Vice president of Liebert AC power engineering Charles O’Donnell believes that the increasing importance of IT systems to the health and sustainability of SMBs makes backup solutions such as the GXT3 all the more valuable. “As businesses rely more and more on IT systems to support business-critical applications and initiatives, such as virtualization and VoIP,” he says, “reliable UPS performance is the key to increasing availability, reducing downtime risks, and enabling future growth.”

O’Donnell adds that the GXT3 is especially equipped for the market, as its rated output power factor of 0.9 is a good match for “the switching-mode power supplies used in today’s IT equipment,” saying that the increased output enables for more efficient use of the UPS.

The Liebert GXT3 is designed to automatically detect input frequency of 60 or 50 Hz. It features hot-swappable, user-replaceable internal batteries that provide four to eight minutes of battery backup time at full load. Up to six battery-backed outlets enable more equipment to be connected to the UPS.

The unit also includes an LED display panel that rotates 90 degrees to make the readout of the LED display easy to see in rack or tower position.

The UPS supports Liebert IntelliSlot Web Cards for network communications.

Finally, the Liebert GXT3 is backed by the industry’s best warranty. A two-year replacement warranty pays for shipping for both the original and replacement unit in the event of UPS problems.

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