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Kaseya Rolls Out AI-Powered Recommendation Engine and Previews Next RMM Release at Connect IT Conference: Page 2 of 2

Called the Cooper Intelligence Engine, the new “utilization technology” spotlights product features that MSPs are paying for but not using. The new RMM edition will be the first to support networking gear, IoT devices, and cloud apps on top of PCs and servers. By Rich Freeman

IoT connections alone grew by 8% globally last year to 12.2 billion active endpoints and will climb another 18.8% to 14.4 billion this year, according to IoT Analytics. 

Businesses of all sizes are rapidly embracing SaaS applications and cloud-based infrastructure as well. RMM solutions from top managed services vendors like ConnectWise, Datto, Kaseya and N-able generally have limited if any support for such platforms today. A wave of cloud-first management vendors like Augmentt, JumpCloud, Nerdio, and SkyKick has emerged to fill that gap.

At present, Voccola said this morning, MSPs use an average of 3.8 products, including network management solutions and operational technology management systems, to oversee non-traditional endpoints. VSA X, he continued, will merge all of the capabilities provided by those products into one unified offering.

“Hopefully, there’s not a Kaseya customer on this planet that needs to use anything more than VSA for any endpoint,” Voccola said in his keynote. 

Using an RMM tool equipped to do what network management and mobile device management systems do separately will save MSPs money as well as time, he told ChannelPro. “People are spending five, six, seven dollars for an agent on those things, and it’s a separate interface,” Voccola says. VSA X, he added without citing specifics, will charge users “under a dollar” for most non-traditional endpoints and “pennies” for mobile devices.

To ensure that even the largest MSP can accommodate an expanded fleet of managed devices, Voccola stresses, VSA X will scale to handle more than 1 million endpoints. 

Building the new product took two and half years and cost more than $50 million. Kaseya intended to launch it six months ago, but had to delay development while coping with fallout from last July’s VSA breach, which left Kaseya partners without a functioning RMM solution for weeks.

“We’re really freaking humbled by what happened last July,” Voccola says, in remarks similar to comments he made at 2021’s Connect IT event last October. “It’s embarrassing.”

Since then, he adds, Kaseya has made “substantial investments and substantial adjustments” in product security. “We’ve all learned a lot of lessons and I think that moving forward, we will continue to be better,” Voccola states. “All I can say is that we will always do more than what is required for us to protect our customers.”

Voccola discussed Kaseya’s still pending acquisition of fellow managed services vendor Datto during Connect IT today too.

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