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ioSafe Debuts the 1513+, 5 to 15 Bays of Disaster-Proof Data Storage

Who needs the cloud when you've got 90TB of disaster proof storage in-house? By Matt Whitlock

We've spent a great deal of time with ioSafe's N2, a 2-bay NAS that can withstand fire, flood, and just about anything else nature can throw at it. Here at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, ioSafe showing off the 1513+, which could have easily been named the N2s... s for "steroids."

The 1513+ is everything that makes the N2 great, only ramped up to the extreme. 5 storage bays, 2.13 GHz Intel Atom CPU, Synology Diskstation software, expandable memory, data protection in fire up to 1550 degrees, and complete submersible for up to 3 days of salt water at 10 feet. Plus, you can also expand the storage capacity up to 15 bays by grabbing a couple 1513X expansion bays for a whopping 90TB of disaster-proof data. Link aggregation and automatic failover (High Availability) are possible through quad gigabit network ports.

Additionally, the ioSafe 1513+ will be certified for VMware and Hyper-­-V use, and also be compatible with multiple protocols that Synology's DSM software supports like TimeMachine, iSCSI, SQL, FTP, DHCP, CIFS, NFS etc.

"Imagine being in complete control of your personal, hardened mini-­-data center. The ioSafe 1513+ will truly allow the best of all worlds - speed, security, control and redundancy with none of the monthly fees and vulnerabilities of the public cloud," says Robb Moore, ioSafe CEO. "The person most interested in protecting your data is you and the ioSafe 1513+ is a critical piece of your security solution. The ioSafe 1513+ is designed for the 70-­-80% of data that sits outside the public cloud - critical data that might be too massive or expensive to upload but access is still occasionally needed."

It's definitely a bit pricier than the N2, starting at $1599 without disks when it begins shipping in March. That said, considering 16TB of cloud data can cost hundreds of dollars every month, it's a low cost alternative to the cloud that would be attractive to many SMB customers.

See more at the ioSafe website.

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