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GlassHive Readying Major Enhancements to its MSP Sales and Marketing Platform

The new features include a new collateral design and customization system, a mobile app, tighter integration with ConnectWise PSA, and a new module that will let users place and receive calls through third-party VoIP solutions. By Rich Freeman

GlassHive has an expanded feature set for ConnectWise partners, VoIP integration, a mobile app, and enhanced customization functionality coming to its flagship MSP sales and marketing platform.

Set to begin rolling out in March, the extra capabilities for users of ConnectWise PSA will come in the form a new module called Invent that is designed to provide “the most powerful native integration ever built for a sales and marketing platform” with a PSA platform, according to Giovanni Sanguily, GlassHive’s founder and CEO, in a conversation with ChannelPro during last week’s ChannelPro SMB Forum event in Dallas.

The VoIP integration will be provided by another module called Talk that will among other things add inbound and outbound calling through third-party VoIP solutions to GlassHive’s existing demand generation features.

“We already have SMS marketing and all that, but they can now integrate their phone solution and be able to make dials from the app and receive calls from the app,” Sanguily says.

Talk will also offer automatic speech-to-text transcription of sales calls to eliminate manual note taking, Sanguily added.

Another forthcoming system, called Studio, will dramatically extend existing customization and editing functionality for items in the GlassHive platform’s collateral library.

“Every single piece of content in GlassHive is editable today by the partner,” Sanguily says. “They have the ability to go in there without any Adobe products and just make changes to any .pdf, any email, any website. Studio’s going to bring that all together in a bigger way.”

Invent, Talk, and Studio will be the latest in a string of enhancements from GlassHive in recent months, which include new support for building online forms, marketing campaign landing pages, and entire websites, as well as new social media marketing functionality.

“You can create a post once and it syndicates through all the social media accounts,” Sanguily says.

Another recent addition lets users build sales proposals, route them to a customer, and collect a digital signature upon approval.

That feature, like others in the GlassHive platform, draws on integrations with dozens of outside vendors to streamline otherwise time-consuming workflows by providing a centralized environment for researching prices and registering deals, among other tasks. 

“Learning one tool is hard enough,” Sanguily notes. Mastering multiple partner portals is harder. Unlike products such as HubSpot and Salesforce that also centralize sales and marketing activities, he continues, GlassHive is built specifically for MSPs. 

Sales and marketing have long been among the top challenges faced by MSPs, moreover. “The number one problem in the industry is consistently sales and marketing,” Sanguily observes. “They just struggle with it, and that’s typically because the owners of these organizations are engineer-led.”

GlassHive grew its partner base by 9,000 MSPs last year to some 14,000 total. Collectively, those users collected 237,000 leads resulting in 51,000 meetings and over $1 billion in revenue.

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