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Protecting the Newest Endpoint: M365: Page 2 of 2

With Microsoft 365 becoming cybercriminals’ latest target of choice, you must protect it just like you protect your clients’ desktops and laptops. By Joshua Liberman

Monetizing It

This leads to perhaps the biggest question. How do we sell these services to our clients and make good money doing so? As with all that we do, we sell the cake, not the recipe, and we make sure that we keep the bundle intact both to ensure its efficacy and to maximize the economy of scale we achieve by bundling. We approach M365 as the broad, capable, and complex solution it is, not as a “$5 mailbox in the cloud.”  We explain what M365 can do for our clients, and stress how important it is to secure and protect that infrastructure. Educating our clients in all that they can do in M365 and its criticality to their operations has made placing this suite for every M365 endpoint we sell much easier. Being able to attach this bundle to any version of M365, even nonprofit, helps too.

Beyond M365

We always strive to address security in a holistic fashion, and the rather sudden shift from premise to cloud and then to work from anywhere (WFA) has only reinforced this. We continue to secure traditional endpoints, the network core, and the newly porous perimeter. But even as we protect against today’s threats, we must try to anticipate those that are still below the horizon. The shift to WFA changed our concept of the perimeter, just as cloud has shifted our idea of the network core. As we move forward, new security challenges around desktop as a service, distributed cloud services, and more continue to develop. Protecting the M365 endpoint is critical, but it is only the first step in this journey.

JOSHUA LIBERMAN is president of Net Sciences, founded in 1995. A 27-year ASCII Group member, former rock climber and martial artist, and a lifelong photographer, Liberman has visited five continents and speaks as many languages. He also writes and speaks in the IT field and raises Siberian Huskies with his wife Heidi, who calls him the Most Interesting Geek in the World.

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