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Simeon Cloud

This vendor’s calling card is Microsoft 365 account configuration, a task that consumes a lot of time when done right and leaves end users vulnerable to breaches when done poorly. The Simeon Cloud solution lets you create a reusable “golden tenant” based on a template it supplies, one you create yourself, or one you’ve employed successfully with a customer in the past, and then reuse it when provisioning new clients. A lengthy list of configurable settings covers data retention, user privileges, multifactor authentication, device encryption, password complexity, and much more. Synchronization functionality lets you eliminate inconsistencies across tenants.  



As ChannelPro has said before, there’s no magic formula for which security functions you should outsource to an expert. Most experts agree, however, that penetration testing is one of them. Enter Cobalt and its “pentest as a service” platform. For a fixed price, quoted in advance and based on the scale and frequency of the testing required, Cobalt will sic its team of experienced, thoroughly vetted white-hat hackers on your network, application, Amazon Web Services environment, or other target; prepare a detailed vulnerability report; and recommend remediation steps. Alternatively, of course, you can always let a cybercriminal do your pen testing, but partnering with Cobalt is likely to be much less painful. 


Rather than try to block ransomware, CryptoStopper’s solution is designed to detect and contain it before it does much harm. The system relies on decoys called “watcher files” that it strategically scatters across an organization’s Windows-based servers. The instant one of them gets encrypted, CryptoStopper’s software determines which workstation is responsible for the attack, isolates it from the rest of the network, and alerts administrators to the problem—usually, the company says, within a few milliseconds. It’s an ingeniously simple approach that relies neither on quickly outdated blacklists nor complex machine learning algorithms. A version of the system that runs directly on endpoints was in beta testing as of press time.


The vast majority of data breaches and ransomware strikes originate with phishing mails, and the authors of those messages have gotten pretty good at hiding exploits from email security solutions that inspect text only. Cyberfish’s system uses computer vision technology and artificial intelligence to recognize threats hidden in logos and image files too. The MSP-friendly platform comes with a multitenant interface and integrates with PSA products from ConnectWise, Datto, Kaseya, and Syncro. Subscriptions include access to a 24/7 SOC and an unlimited not-for-resale license you can use to prevent your own employees from getting hooked by phishers. 


It’s an age-old debate in IT: Should you buy everything from one vendor, for the convenience and integration advantages, or mix and match solutions from best-of-breed suppliers? In the quest for layered security, Defendify comes down squarely in the all-in-one camp. Its platform bundles 13 tools—including dark web monitoring, website protection, and detection and response software—in a single package engineered for simplicity and paid for at monthly per-seat rates. An accompanying Essentials package, available free of charge, performs security health checks, scans networks for vulnerabilities, and provides threat intelligence alerts. 

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Once the province of Hollywood special effects artists and high-performance computing labs, “deepfake” technology is rapidly coming within reach of everyday hackers. The implications in an age of cloud-based everything, in which confirming identities is already difficult, are frightening. iProov’s biometric authentication products use facial verification and palm prints, among other techniques, to ensure that an online user is a real person, the right person, and actually logging in right now. Partners new to biometrics get free access to a trove of sales, marketing, and technical resources. 


Security on-site is all about infrastructure. Security in the cloud is all about identity. Zerotek makes an identity and access management platform built from the ground up for the cloud era. Based on enterprise-oriented IAM software from Okta but tailored to the needs of MSPs, Zerotek’s solution offers a multitenant interface; pay-as-you-go pricing; and integration with Microsoft Azure, AWS, Salesforce, Google, and some 6,000 other environments. There’s also a menu of administrative functions for Microsoft 365, including the ability to onboard and offboard users, reset passwords, assign licenses, and more. Like Augmentt, Zerotek was founded by an RMM trailblazer: former Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford. 

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