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Smart glasses for B2B have been increasing under the radar for industrial and field use, with opportunity for integration with other services and systems. By Jennifer Oladipo

In response, MSPs can help them explore additional services such as connecting other devices to glasses or pulling data from their enterprise resource planning system. Large companies will want to know smart glass software is operable throughout their entire footprint, which might be global.

Reseller Beware

In addition to understanding customers’ business needs, channel pros should be extra savvy about the glasses themselves.

It certainly helps if they understand the differences and can recommend a device that will work for the [given] scenario,” says Stocker.

Channel pros tend to overestimate the importance of the display size, he adds, and underestimate the importance of camera specs such as fast autofocus or image recognition. Another common mistake is focusing on battery life. Instead, a smart strategy for swapping out multiple batteries to keep the glasses running across 24/7 shifts is often more important. And, while buttons are nice, hands-free operation usually is preferred.

Finally, any channel pro building a business plan around smart glasses should note a certain volatility among manufacturers in the still-young space. Many vendor startups raised money, then quietly disappeared.

“Whatever you do, you need to be aware that certain hardware may not be around a year from now, so my recommendation is to be somewhat agnostic,” says Stocker.

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