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June 19, 2024 |

ChannelPro’s Top 24 Profit-driving Solutions for MSPs

These cutting-edge technologies are designed to optimize operations, increase customer satisfaction, and add a significant bump to your bottom line.

MSPs are in a constant quest to enhance their efficiency and boost their bottom lines. With countless tools and strategies vying for attention, pinpointing the most effective solutions for services providers can be overwhelming.

This year, ChannelPro scoured the market and brought in experts to compile our Top 24 Profit-driving Solutions tailored for MSPs that serve SMBs — plus one special recognition. These cutting-edge technologies are designed to optimize operations, increase customer satisfaction, and add a significant bump to your bottom line. Whether you’re looking to streamline processes or expand your service offerings, this guide is designed to help. Read on for more:

Small Business Switches

With 16 different switch series devoted to SMBs, Allied Telesis products are designed with the needs of small organizations in mind. They provide reliable connectivity and performance.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? With easy setup and MSP-friendly management features, these switches make network infrastructure a breeze to manage. IT services
company that leverages Allied Telesis products has the firepower to address the networking needs of businesses as they grow.


for MSPs

Alternative Payments for MSPs offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of MSPs, providing them with diverse revenue streams and elevated customer satisfaction. Through a focus on flexibility, security, and global accessibility, this platform empowers MSPs to efficiently manage transactions at scale.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? It can help reduce payment processing costs, save countless hours, and get paid faster — all with a single provider. It simplifies the process for customers to pay their invoices, giving them total flexibility over how (and when) they pay, and collects payments automatically with auto-pay and auto-charge features.


Intelligent Solutions

Arrow Intelligent Solutions aids in digital transformation by offering services that simplify the technology lifecycle and ensure rapid product market entry. Arrow works with a global network of tech partners to tailor solutions to specific needs, helping clients stay ahead in a fast-paced tech environment.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? It provides a profit advantage through a comprehensive suite of digital transformation services that are in high demand. By providing such tailored solutions, an MSP can expand its market presence and build stable revenue streams through services that are critical for businesses looking to modernize and innovate.


Mobile Security for Partners

Avast Mobile Security for partners delivers robust protection against mobile threats, enabling partners to offer their customers enhanced safety for devices. It offers flexible integration options, such as white-label or SDK solutions, for a personalized user experience tailored to partner objectives.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? These solutions can be profitable for an MSP as it provides a valuable service that protects clients’ mobile ecosystems, an area of
increasing concern and focus for cybersecurity. It enables MSPs to expand their security offerings and generate a new revenue stream, while also providing peace of mind to clients with comprehensive mobile protection.



Barracuda RMM is designed to streamline the provision of remote security and support services, offering features like security assessment tools, centralized dashboards, and task automation to help MSPs improve their customers’ security posture. It also aims to reduce operational costs and standardize service delivery, thus enabling MSPs to enhance their efficiency and service quality.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? The platform’s automation and centralized management features allows for increased operational efficiency and consistent security services, which can lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in margins. Its comprehensive tools also enable MSPs to proactively manage clients’ IT environments, enhancing client retention and attracting new business by showcasing advanced security management capabilities.


Smart Cameras

Cisco Meraki’s smart cameras are cloud-managed security devices with advanced analytics and insights. The cameras revolutionize surveillance with intelligent monitoring capabilities, providing both security and comprehensive business insights.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? The product can result in more profits for a MSP because these cameras add a high-value, modern security solution to their service offerings, attracting clients who are willing to invest in advanced security infrastructure. Additionally, the cloud-managed aspect of the cameras can lead to recurring revenue through service contracts for continuous monitoring and management.


Optiplex Workstations

Dell OptiPlex Workstations are powerful and versatile desktop computers designed for business productivity and performance. With customizable configurations, robust security features, and efficient manageability, these workstations offer reliability and scalability to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? Selling the Dell workstations can offer reliable, customizable solutions tailored to the needs of businesses, enhancing productivity and
efficiency. MSPs can offer monitoring and maintenance as well as marking up support renewals, making Dell systems a reliably profitable part of the porfolio.


WorkForce Pro Printers

EPSON WorkForce Pro printers, powered by PrecisionCore printing technology, feature the next generation of inkjet printing technology. The WorkForce Pro line is compact but capable of taking on sizable projects with little or no warm up time. Innovative features include a Replaceable Ink Pack System, upwards of 24 pages printed per minute, black and color printing, plus fast scan speeds. The printers are ideal for cost-conscious teams that value security, energy efficiency, and printing speed.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? The printer series handles high monthly print volumes while reducing ink usage and overall costs. MSPs that serve industries requiring quick print jobs as well as small startups can set themselves apart by selling and implementing EPSON’s WorkForce Pro printer. Recommending printers and managing printer technology is a value-add that many MSPs never consider, but it ultimately leads to bigger opportunities.


AI Recipient Validation

Hornetsecurity’s AI Recipient Validation helps prevent email-based data breaches by validating recipient addresses and analyzing email content in real time. This tool assists users in avoiding sending sensitive information to the wrong recipients, contributing to regulatory compliance and enhancing email security.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? MSPs are offered a profitable opportunity by enhancing email security and reducing costs for clients through improved deliverability and targeted email distribution. This value-added service helps MSPs differentiate themselves in the market while providing essential protection against email-based threats.


Security Awareness Training

Huntress Security Awareness Training empowers employees to recognize and mitigate cyber threats through engaging, story-driven lessons. This training is designed to be easily deployed and managed, providing businesses with a practical approach to enhancing their cybersecurity education efforts.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? It provides a recurring service offering that can improve clients’ cybersecurity posture. It addresses a critical need for ongoing education to combat evolving threats, thus representing a strategic addition to an MSP’s service catalogue that can help drive customer retention and loyalty.


Perfect Project for MSPs

Moovila’s advanced project management solution leverages its proprietary AI scheduling engine to offer precise forecasting, risk monitoring, and automated critical path management. This ensures that projects are executed with mathematical precision, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across project portfolios.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? This solution enhances MSPs’ profitability by improving IT project accuracy and efficiency with AI-driven tools, thus reducing costs and improving client satisfaction.


Business Phone Systems

Ooma’s small business phone systems offer a scalable VoIP solution with 50-plus features, including a virtual receptionist, mobile apps, and videoconferencing. Designed to facilitate efficient communication and tailored for ease of setup and use, these systems enable businesses to maintain connectivity and productivity with various plans that cater to different needs.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? Ooma’s small business phone systems offer a feature-rich, scalable VoIP solution that meets the diverse communication needs of small businesses, thereby generating new revenue streams for MSPs. Additionally, by providing this service, MSPs can strengthen client relationships through enhanced communication capabilities and ongoing support, leading to increased customer loyalty and potential upsell opportunities.


IT Operations Aviator

OpenText IT Operations Aviator represents a paradigm shift in IT management, leveraging machine learning to provide holistic insights and proactive solutions. By integrating data from disparate sources and empowering teams with actionable intelligence, it drives agility, resilience, and innovation for modern organizations.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? For Channel Pros, this solution could be a revenue game changer, with advanced IT management capabilities. Unlike traditional solutions, Aviator empowers MSPs with predictive analytics, automation, and actionable insights, enabling them to proactively address issues and optimize performance across complex IT environments with unprecedented efficiency and agility.


Secure File Transfer

Phalanx provides secure file-transfer solutions that allow for easy encryption and exchange of sensitive data, both locally and in the cloud, tailored for compliance with various data protection standards. The platform offers a zero-trust data access approach, enhancing the security of file sharing and storage without adding complexity for the users.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? This product addresses the critical need for secure data handling, a priority for businesses of all sizes, particularly those in regulated industries. It provides an opportunity for MSPs to offer a valuable, in-demand service that can contribute to their clients’ compliance and data security strategies, thereby generating a recurring revenue stream.


LiFiMAX Range

PhotonFi is an exciting new tech company that leverages LiFi, a mobile, two-way, high-speed communication technology using light. Its LiFiMAX Range access points enable high-speed wireless connectivity through light waves, surpassing traditional Wi-Fi standards. With its superior speed, security, and reliability, Photon Fi’s access points are a great solution in numerous environments.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? Businesses love partners that are early adopters — especially when the technology is ROI-friendly. MSPs can differentiate themselves
by selling high-performance wireless network technology including PhotonFi’s routers. The result is increased recurring revenue with the corresponding management and maintenance work.



Pia aiDesk offers an AI-led automation platform for MSPs that improves efficiency and accelerates ticket management for IT service desks. It features seamless PSA integration, AI-powered ticket triage, custom development options, and robust security measures, ensuring a streamlined workflow and enhanced customer service.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? It can dramatically improve the efficiency of IT service management with its AI-driven automation, which means MSPs can resolve client issues faster and more accurately. This enhancement to service quality can significantly boost customer satisfaction, retention, and the MSP’s competitive edge in the market.


SaaS Security Platform

The comprehensive SaaS Security Platform is designed to protect organizations from cybersecurity threats across their cloud-based applications. Its real-time monitoring, threat detection, and remediation capabilities provide proactive security measures. This helps ensure the safety and integrity of sensitive data stored in SaaS environments.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? The platform can help an MSP enhance their clients’ cybersecurity posture, safeguarding their cloud-based applications from evolving
threats. By providing proactive monitoring and remediation services through this platform, MSPs can differentiate themselves as trusted security partners and generate additional revenue streams. Saas Alerts’ real-time threat detection and automated response features is unique, offering comprehensive protection and peace of mind to clients.



Salesbuildr is a powerful sales automation platform designed to streamline lead generation and customer acquisition processes for businesses. It also integrates seamlessly with Autotask and ConnectWise Manage, as well as most distributors.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Salesbuildr empowers MSPs to efficiently manage prospects, accelerate sales cycles, and drive revenue growth. Sales leaders can use the templates in the platform to create dynamic, compelling, professional quotes that ultimately win more business.


Office 365 Security

SonicWall’s Office 365 security solutions provide comprehensive protection against email threats, unauthorized data sharing, and compromised credentials. It ensures a seamless user experience with consistent security policies across the Office 365 suite, aiming for low total cost of ownership (TCO) and ease of deployment.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? Microsoft products dominate the market yet aren’t inherently secure. Recommending SonicWall’s Office 365 security solution is a
great first step to cross selling and upselling security services that have minimal impact on workflows, thus driving client retention.


Cyber Hero MDR

Cyber Hero MDR is ThreatLocker’s solution for 24/7 MDR, enhancing organizational security through real-time monitoring, alerts, and mitigation of cyber threats. It’s an add-on to ThreatLocker Detect that provides immediate action and comprehensive insights into security incidents, bolstering defenses with a quick-response team.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? Selling this product is profitable for MSPs because it offers clients advanced protection with a 24/7 response team, reducing the risk and impact of cyber incidents. It enhances an MSP’s portfolio with a premium offering that can command a higher dollar value due to its comprehensive security coverage and ThreatLocker’s
organizational expertise.


Zero Trust Network Access

Timus Networks offers a Zero Trust Network Access solution that enhances secure remote connectivity through strict access control and behavioral analytics. This service implements granular, behavior-driven conditional access policies, ensuring secure, always-on connectivity without the need for traditional VPNs.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? It can be profitable for an MSP because the solution meets the growing demand for secure remote work solutions with an emphasis on strict access controls and user behavior analytics. This approach can significantly reduce security incidents, positioning the MSP as a trusted security advisor, and can also create recurring revenue through managed security services.


Apex One Endpoint Security

Trend Micro Apex One is an endpoint security solution that provides a comprehensive defense mechanism against a wide spectrum of threats, including fileless and ransomware attacks, through a combination of advanced detection techniques and noise cancellation. It’s engineered to streamline investigations and responses by offering a unified toolset for EDR and SIEM integration, with
the flexibility to deploy both on premises and via SaaS.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? MSPs can profit from selling this product due to its all-encompassing endpoint protection that reduces clients’ exposure to sophisticated cyber threats, thereby minimizing costly breaches and downtime. Additionally, it offers MSPs a value-added service that can command a higher margin, providing a reliable security solution with the benefits of centralized management and reporting.


IT Security Advisory Services

US Signal Security Advisory Services can enhance an MSP’s security offering with tailored strategies to meet business and compliance requirements. This comprehensive suite of services includes policy development and optimization of security resources for improved cybersecurity practices.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? Cybersecurity incidents are costly — and preventing them is lucrative. Leveraging US Signal’s consulting expertise can open a variety of business continuity and risk management opportunities for MSPs.


Trust Management Platform

Vanta’s Trust Management Platform automates up to 90% of compliance evidence collection for leading security and privacy frameworks. This helps businesses streamline security program management and unify compliance processes. It also facilitates vendor risk assessments and management, bridging the trust gap between software buyers and sellers by offering real-time insights into security postures.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? The platform provides an efficient compliance solution that automates and simplifies the verification process for various security standards, thereby saving time and resources. Additionally, it can help MSPs bolster service offerings with robust security assessments, creating an additional revenue stream while enhancing their clients’ trust and satisfaction.



UC for Mobile Apps

Wildix mobile apps extend the capabilities of PBX to iOS and Android devices. This offers a unified communication experience that supports voice and video calls, chat, and file sharing. These apps are designed to enable seamless remote work, helping maintain business communication functionality while on the go.

What makes this solution profitable for MSPs? The offering adds significant value to an MSP client’s business communication systems. It enables productivity with comprehensive mobile unified communications solutions. This service addresses the growing need for flexible, remote work capabilities. It also creates opportunities for MSPs to offer ongoing support and upgrades, fostering a steady revenue stream.


See full coverage in ChannelPro’s 2024 Special Report-Edition 2.

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