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May 9, 2024 |

Deep Dives and Round Ups: Why MSPs are Lining up for Online Events Again

Discover how MSPs can leverage ChannelPro’s online events to enhance industry knowledge, participate in engaging tech discussions, and drive business success.

In a 24/7 business world, an MSP can’t always take a day off to attend a live event. That’s a shame because the best networking and educational opportunities can only be found at in-person conferences like ChannelPro’s free regional events.

A great alternative is registering your team for an online event and arranging a watch party. In just a few hours, key members of your staff can learn about trends, hear about cutting-edge solutions, watch demos, and ask questions of the presenters in real time.

After the session wraps, there’s a golden opportunity to talk about your strategy as it relates to the topics. Which “best practices” that were shared can be adapted to meet your needs? Which tools merit more investigation?

But even if you can’t arrange a party, online events are just as worthwhile solo. The important thing is choosing wisely.

Rebooting the Format

According to Michael Siggins, Founder and Publisher of The ChannelPro Network, the key is to study the event agenda thoroughly.

“It’s important to pick events that will hold your attention from start to finish. When I see editorial sessions on an agenda, I check the abstracts and look up the speakers on Linkedin. For vendor speeches, I check to see that they’re participating in roundtables or giving demos, not just pitching from a slide deck.

That tracks with the feedback we’ve gotten from MSPs for more than a decade,” he said.

ChannelPro considered several approaches to revamping its online events before settling on two new formats in 2024: Deep Dives and Round Ups.

“It was an exciting opportunity to launch something brand new,” said Events Director Daisy Shelley. “We’ve been slowly moving in this direction for years, but as soon as the events had a name, they really took shape. MSPs are lining up for online events again and it’s great for the industry.”

Deep Dives: Unconventionally Excellent

“For Deep Dives, we look for vendors that care deeply about MSP partnerships and are able to break down the pros and cons of their products in a demo format. We pair that with a compelling keynote or discussion. We look for the best and brightest in the industry to share what’s working at what isn’t,” Shelly offered.

The first-ever Deep Dive, titled “Cybersecurity Threats and Opps in 2024”, keynote presentation was delivered by Leet Cybersecurity president and certified ethical hacker Tyler Wrightson.

Tyler Wrightson speaking at an MSP-focused Deep Dive event. MSPs are lining up for online events again in 2024.

Following his presentation on how to incorporate certified ethical hacking into an MSP’s portfolio, Wrightson received dozens of questions. According to Wrightson, those questions haven’t slowed – even though it has been several weeks.

“MSPs want to learn more about ethical hacking services. Whether they’re hiring someone on staff or partnering with a company like mine, they see that there’s money to be made,” Wrightson said.

ChannelPro has a complete calendar of upcoming Deep Dive and regional in-person events here.

Round Ups: Straight to the Point

Roundups, on the other hand, are short and punchy. These events are still highly interactive, but they are more focused on the products that are shaping the industry.

“They’re designed to appeal to MSP leaders that want to cut to the chase. ‘What is this product and how will it help me scale my business?” Siggins said.

That was proven out in ChannelPro’s first Round Up, titled “Driving MSP Profits with Cutting Edge Products.”

Vendor experts joined ChannelPro tech editor Matt Whitlock for a candid conversation about product innovation, service delivery, and profitability.

Expert vendors speak with Matt Whitlock at an MSP-focused Round Up event. MSPs are lining up for online events again in 2024.

“We wanted to focus on both the technologies and actionable strategies that MSPs can use to grow. It was incredible how Tim [Coach] with Pia, Rony [Moyal] with Virtuozzo, and Patrick [Foster] with Nuso delivered on that promise” Shelly noted.

ChannelPro has a complete calendar of upcoming Round-Ups and regional in-person events here.

Upcoming Event Preview

ChannelPro’s next online event for MSPs is our Deep Dive, scheduled for May 22nd, is dedicated to sharing effective strategies around pricing and bundling. The audience is MSPs who want to package their services in a way that maximizes value for both the provider and the client.

“There’s a ton of buzz around this one already. IT buyers are cost-conscious and little tweaks can have a big difference,” Shelley said.

Additional online events scheduled for later in the year will cover hot topics like Artificial Intelligence, Compliance, and more.

In Siggins’ words, there’s no ‘good enough’ when it comes to MSP events. The best media companies are always evolving to meet the needs of the audience.

“That said, I think we have something phenomenally special with our format and content. I’d love to see MSPs in person, you just can’t beat that. But we’re very proud of these online events. They truly are the next best thing.”

See all upcoming ChannelPro events here.

Image: iStock

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Deep Dives and Round Ups: Why MSPs are Lining up for Online Events Again

May 9, 2024 |

Discover how MSPs can leverage ChannelPro’s online events to enhance industry knowledge, participate in engaging tech discussions, and drive business success.

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