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November 8, 2023 |

ChannelPro Defend Conference Connects Vendors with MSP Community

ChannelPro Defend Conference Connects Vendors with MSP Community

The first-ever ChannelPro Defend conference proved to be a pivotal event for MSPs and vendors in the tech industry.

The two-day event on Nov. 1-2 brought together some key players in the field at the Pacific Palms Resort in The City of Industry, Calif. It fostered knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of innovative ideas that are set to reshape the way service providers operate.

ChannelPro Defend proved to be a transformative industry event by facilitating valuable connections, providing insights into the industry’s future, and highlighting innovative technologies. Below, The ChannelPro Network shares some significant happenings and insights from key vendors:

TruGrid: The Future of VPN Replacement

During the conference, TruGrid CEO Peter Ayedun spoke exclusively with The ChannelPro Network about the company’s latest product that promises to revolutionize remote access. TruGrid, a technology company specializing in secure remote desktop solutions, unveiled plans to release a technology by year’s end that will act as a VPN replacement.

This innovation will allow users to access a wide range of protocols behind the firewall, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, and FTP, without the need for a traditional VPN, Ayedun explained.

“Once we learned that our customers were using VPN for more than just remote desktop access, we realized that we could extend our technology to web traffic as well,” he said. “We aim to provide a solution that enables secure, multifactor-authenticated access to various protocols without the exposure and risks associated with traditional VPNs.”

For TruGrid and other companies in attendance, the real value of attending ChannelPro Defend was to connect with MSPs, Ayedun said.

“The true benefit of coming to ChannelPro Defend is more the relationships that we strike. Even though those relationships may not pay dividends initially, the benefit that ChannelPro offers us is to form relationships ahead of time.”

Alternative Payments: Building Relationships in an Intimate Setting

Baxter Lanius, founder and CEO of Alternative Payments, praised the conference’s intimate setting, emphasizing the importance of building strong ties within the MSP community.

“I’ve spoken with a lot of friends at other vendors and MSPs,” Lanius said. “I think it’s a great community. I love that it’s a little bit more localized and intimate … You can really get to know people and build relationships. That’s what this market is all about. I’m so excited to be here.”

IRONSCALES: Using AI to Educate and Secure

Christopher MarquezDirector of MSP Channel IRONSCALES

Christopher Marquez Director of MSP Channel IRONSCALES

Christopher Marquez‘s company has taken steps to help service providers enhance cybersecurity using AI.

The director of MSP channel for IRONSCALES discussed how the company’s proprietary AI, Themis, serves as an assistant for end-users. Themis can educate users on how to recognize and respond to potential threats, and it assists in classifying incidents accurately, Marquez said.

The ChannelPro Defend conference helped to drive home the importance of using new, high-tech tools like AI to help drive better security within companies, he added.

“The way that ChannelPro engages MSPs and really pushes them to educate themselves further is going to provide a lot of value to the community as a whole.”

Telivy and CompTIA: Insights for the Future

Telivy CEO and co-founder Naren Sathiya was enthusiastic about the insights gained from the Defend conference.

In particular, he said he enjoyed the expert talks and discussions about the industry’s future, especially looking at what MSPs should expect in the next three to five years.

Sathiya highlighted the valuable presentation by CompTIA, which shed light on the evolving service landscape and client expectations.

“All of this is really important to get the word out there to see what’s new and developing with security, what other practices that MSPs can be offering,” he added. “I was really fascinated to find that business analytics is something that clients are asking a lot about right now.”

TimeZest and SnapCom: Transforming MSP Business

Gerwai ToddCEO and Co-Founder TimeZest

Gerwai Todd CEO and Co-Founder TimeZest


Gerwai Todd recognized the need for service providers to move beyond a time-for-dollars business model.

The CEO and co-founder of TimeZest highlighted the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience and modernizing service delivery.

In addition, SnapCom owner and CEO Rick Hall stressed the value of the conference’s format, which allowed for casual socializing, networking, and meaningful interactions.

“Our goal here is to make connections with as many MSPs as possible, follow up with them, talk with them, and see if we’re a good fit for what they’re looking for,” Hall said. “That’s been very valuable with this conference.”

Overall, ChannelPro’s gathering of MSPs and tech vendors served as a testament to the industry’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, paving the way for a more secure and efficient future for businesses and clients alike.

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