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March 10, 2023 |

Nodeware Adds Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

The continuous vulnerability management vendor also has PSA integrations coming in conjunction with an aggressive move by recently appointed channel chief Matthew Koenug (pictured) to ramp up MSP recruiting.

Nodeware has expanded pricing options for its continuous vulnerability management solution.

The security vendor, which previously required partners to purchase licenses in groups of 50, now offers a pay-as-you-go option as well.

“You can buy whatever you need, however you need, no contract,” said Matthew Koenig, Nodeware’s vice president of channel sales, during a conversation at ChannelPro‘s second SMB Forum event of the year in Washington D.C.

Pay-as-you-go buyers can scale their licensing up or down flexibly month to month as well. Buyers will receive a discount for signing an annual agreement paid monthly instead of opting for consumption-based pricing, and a steeper discount for paying the entire value of a deal upfront.

In an additional change, partners can now purchase seats directly from Nodeware. The company’s software was available exclusively through distribution previously.

Both new policies went into effect last week.

In development for future release are integrations with ConnectWise PSA, Kaseya BMS, and Kaseya unit Datto’s Autotask PSA that will automatically create tickets for newly spotted vulnerabilities. Koenig expects the functionality to be available later this year. 

On the roadmap for future release as well are enhancements to the “deep dive” scanning functionality Nodeware introduced last year. In the past, Koenig notes, the system provided remediation instructions for identified risks. “Now we’re going to literally give you a link right to the patch or to the code or whatever else that you need” to fix the problem, he says.

Expanded reporting functionality also in the works will show users not just what about an end user’s security posture has changed since the last scan, as before, but what problems have been eliminated since then too.

Nodeware was a product name when security service provider Infinite Group Inc. formed IGI CyberLabs, Nodeware’s corporate parent, in 2021. It’s now the vendor’s go-to-market company name as well, mostly according to Koenig because it’s more familiar to MSPs and easier to remember. 

“We need brand recognition,” Koenig says, noting that the product’s official name is now “Nodeware Built by IGI CyberLabs.”

Seeding brand recognition for the system is a top objective for Koenig, who joined Nodeware last December following earlier stints with RapidFire Tools and other vendors, in support of a larger goal to add 250 MSPs to the company’s channel this year.

Hiring a first-ever team of partner success managers is another component of his plan for achieving that goal. “We’re extremely focused on making sure that our MSP partners get everything they need to grow,” Koenig says.

The company plans to walk newly added partners through their first customer onboarding process now as well, despite the fact that the Nodeware solution is designed to be easily installed. “No matter the size of the client, you can be on onboarded in 30 minutes,” Koenig says.

Ease of installation is one of Nodeware’s differentiators, according to Koenig, who cites multitenant management and a long-term commitment to specializing solely in continuous vulnerability management as others.

“We’ve got a few competitors out there that are trying to do a million different things,” he says. “We’re staying in our lane.”

Demand for continuous—versus periodic—vulnerability scanning is rising swiftly among MSPs, according to Koenig, thanks to equally fast-growing adoption of security frameworks that recommend it, along with the swelling ranks of regulatory mandates that require either continuous vulnerability scanning or an annual penetration test. 

“They’re starting to understand the fact that if you are not constantly doing it and getting those vulnerabilities taken care of daily, if need be, then it’s not good enough anymore,” Keonig says of MSPs. 

Nodeware signed a deal with two companies last September to build its software into solutions designed to help vehicle and boat dealers meet continuous vulnerability scanning requirements under the Federal Trade Commission’s Safeguards Rule.

Nodeware won the audience award for best the ROI lightning round presentation at this week’s ChannelPro event.

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