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February 18, 2022 | Invarosoft and ChannelPro

Customer Experience (CX) Is Now the Fastest Growing MSP Software Category

Invarosoft is a leading vendor in the CX software category, enabling MSPs to improve customer experience, communication, security, account management, and productivity with over 14 tools in one platform.

In what appears to be the fastest growing new MSP software category, thousands of MSPs have embraced the business-building advantages of a customer experience (CX) platform. Why? This modern client support system increases customer retention through improved services while lowering the number of time-consuming support calls.

“MSPs can no longer deliver a ‘Nokia’ [flip-phone-like analog] customer experience by listing your tech support number on stickers or a mouse pad,” says Jamie Warner, CEO and founder of Invarosoft, a CX pioneer that lauched its platform four years ago. “Customers want a modern digital experience with the polish of a high-end consumer product backed by the IT information and reports they need.”

CX platforms include, at a minimum, tools such as client portals, desktop, mobile and Teams apps, live chat, knowledgebase, training, self-service bots, push notifications, O365 reporting, device reporting, CSAT, and vCIO tools integrated with all the major PSAs.

MSPs looking to acquire more MRR support deals by improving productivity, getting the right ticket information the first time, and enhancing communications using client portals can do so by investing in Invarosoft’s CX platform. With features like chat and push technology, MSPs increase help desk security with identity management tools and improve overall account management with built-in vCIO tools, while also boosting their customer acquisition success thanks to the polish and ease of use of the CX portal.

Invarosoft created a single platform to replace the flood of overlapping smaller platforms on the MSP’s console. The single system view includes 14 major tools today, with more on the way.

“There are a lot of smaller MSP tools which are necessary but end up creating a huge monthly stack cost and complexity for MSPs,” Warner says. “Invarosoft is building out all the smaller tools into one platform to help MSPs save money and reduce the management complexity and overhead.”

Tekie Geek, an MSP in Staten Island, N.Y., is boosting its SMB customers’ experience with Invarosoft. “Customers like their portals, meaning they use and trust them rather than ignore them,” says founder and President Geek Mike Bloomfield. “That lets us use tools like push notifications to deliver information clients need, like during a major cloud or network provider outage.” He adds, “A good user support interface gathers the information we need, offers them some easy test to perform like a network ping, and encourages those seeking support to describe issues in the portal form rather than reach for a phone.”

Bloomfield’s goal is to get 75% of his tickets logged via the Invarosoft CX platform, eliminating a large number of phone calls. The average Invarosoft partner gets a staggering 50-60% of their tickets logged through the system.

“The key to high utilization is to first phase out clients automatically typing your email address (support@),” advises Warner. “Second, provide an easy-to-use, fully functional, and branded UI. Third, use our included ‘training bots’ which train users with push notifications, videos, and client portal knowledgebase articles on how best to use the system to lower their frustration and improve their uptime.”

How does Invarosoft fit the needs of the modern MSP so well? That’s thanks to Warner’s earlier success founding an MSP named eNerds where the patented technology was initially developed. Due to the effectiveness of the CX portal, eNerds reached $10 million in revenue, without acquisitions, and while only focusing on SMB clients.

“Clients don’t care about your internal tools,” says Warner. “They get excited by the tools that they use to improve their business because that’s human nature. CX is definitely where the game will be won in 2022 and in years to come. Now is the time for MSPs to focus on CX.”

Invarosoft offers a 14-day free trial. Visit for more information.

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