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March 26, 2021 |

ICYMI: Our Channel News Roundup for the Week of March 22nd

A partnership for Wasabi and Unitrends, another for Fortinet and Linksys, an IPO for KnowBe4, and a promising development for people who want to journey to the afterlife like a Viking are but a few of the many stories we’ve finally taken the time to report.

It’s spring, meaning March Madness is in full swing, as are weather disasters from tornadoes in the Southeast to major flooding in Australia. Cheer where you can, help where you can, and enjoy some tasty newsbits we found for you.

MYKI GuardSecurity news. Identity and access management for MSPs gets a new option with MYKI GUARD (pictured), an MSP-tailored enterprise security solution embedded as a browser extension. Multi-tenant management tools and more.

Hello to Exabeam Alert Triage, a cloud-native app to help security analysts deal with alert overload and fatigue. Users of Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Case Manager can fold it in. While you’re at it, throw in the new Exabeam Threat Detection, Investigation & Response use case packages to help SOCs improve workflows and tighten some of those loose security screws.

Interested in a little more help against ransomware? Check out the new Ricoh RansomCare, a ransomware containment solution. ID and isolate ransomware outbreaks at the source and leave cybercriminals crying in their vodka.

No fingers left to cross when another employee leaves the secure enterprise network to work from home and rely on security from their cable provider? Fortinet invested $75 million in Linksys to extend its enterprise security protection down to home network products.

Bitdefender and Recorded Future announced a threat intelligence sharing partnership. Customers will see actionable insights to eliminate cyberthreats.

Cradlepoint and Palo Alto Networks partnered to provide Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) protection to enterprise wireless WANs, especially over LTE and 5G nets.

Criminals keep getting smarter, so us good guys must as well. Here to help is the Curricula’s channel partner program for security awareness training and phishing simulations for MSPs.

Cybersixgill says its new Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit score can predict exploitation targets up to 90 days in advance.

Hornetsecurity acquired Zerospam, a Montreal-based cloud email protection specialist.

Brother PrintersOther product news. Cloud storage player Wasabi connected with Unitrends, a Kaseya company and backup and continuity player, on a deal that lets users free up primary storage capacity by offload infrequently accessed data. Goal is lower costs, higher efficiency.

Welcome Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery, the next generation of that vendor’s BDR product. New appliances and cloud configurations, too.

Brother printers (like those at right) now include native compatibility with Microsoft’s Universal Print. There’s a whole long list of models ready to play nice after a firmware update.

You can generate some print jobs for those printers easier after the integration of ThinPrint’s ezeep Blue cloud printing with IGEL OS. Great for remote workers.

Sage 300 and Sage 100 customers should look for the new, cloud-first Sage Data & Analytics service integration. Dashboards, reports, metrics, and analytics extracted from company data.

Michael OberlaenderNon-product vendor news. The red carpet in front of LogMeIn was for new Chief Information Officer Michael Oberlaender (pictured).

VMware’s new Customer Lifecycle Incentives Program will drive increased profitability through customer engagement, a simplified experience, optimized ROI, and more.

The cloud management folks at CloudBolt have a new channel partner program. Helps channel pros move customers to “”all things as-a-service.””

KnowBe4 filed for an IPO. The number of shares offered, and pricing, have yet to be released.

ServiceNow signed the papers to acquire Intellibot, a robotic process automation company in Hyderabad, India.

Ivanti closed its acquisition of Cherwell Software. Terms were not disclosed.

Distributor and master agent Jenne launched its new Rapid Quote capability for Extreme Networks. The automated system delivers approved quotes within minutes.

This week’s stats ticker:

Microsoft’s first annual Work Trend Index report, “”The Next Great Disruption in Hybrid Work – Are We Ready?“” queried more than 31,000 people in 31 counties. If you’re tired of meetings, it may be because of the doubling of same worldwide. Sick of email? 40 billion more were delivered in February 2021 than Feb. 2020. 73% of workers want to continue with flexible remote work options, and remote job postings on LinkedIn saw a 5x increase during the pandemic. More deets? Flexible work is here to stay, leaders are out of touch with employees (We’re shocked, shocked), workers are exhausted but still highly productive, and Gen Z workers are in particular need of re-energizing. Maybe Teams should build in a TikTok background generator.

PC Matic’s Covid-19 Cybersecurity in the Remote Workforce report gathered nearly 6,000 domestic respondents. Can you guess how well companies are doing protecting WFH users? Nope, not great. Nearly half still fall short of providing remote workers technical assistance. Six out of ten remoters still use a personal device for work, maybe because 62% reported their companies gave them no devices to use. Oops. Fewer than one in ten were given antivirus 0software protection for their personal devices used for work. Double oops. As of March 2021, nearly 35% or Americans are still working from home.

Some companies are helping remote workers with zero trust security, according to the Ping Identity’s Growth in Remote Work Fuels Zero Trust Investment. More than 1,300 senior execs from the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Australia responded, and 85% agreed that identity security is critical to their overall user experience. 69% plan to increase investment in identity and access management capabilities in the next 12 months, and 64% estimate that over half of their workforce currently uses multifactor authentication because of the pandemic. Only 38% made that claim before this mess started. 82% have gotten involved in some zero trust activities, and 71% believe that investment will increase over the next 12 months.

Barracuda Networks released a report titled The state of Office 365 backup, commissioned from Censuswide, that included responses from 1,828 executives and other decision makers. Could we do better? Of course, since 67% still rely solely on built-in Office 365 backup and recovery procedures. 52% have experienced a ransomware attack, while 72% worry their O365 data could be the target of ransomware. Wonder what the other 28% are thinking? 77% want granular restore of Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Team’s data, while 79% want to recover mailboxes to another location or user. Over 70% worry about geo residency, as in backups going across borders.

Viking FuneralYour government at work. The state government of Maine understands that your inner Viking has expectations regarding your journey to the afterlife. How do we know? Maine has proposed a law to join Colorado and allow Viking funeral pyres.

Nonprofit organizations would be allowed to conduct cremations via pyre as long as they own at least 20 acres. Only one ceremony at a time can be conducted, but the remains can be scattered on the property in any legal and appropriate manner.

Maine’s Health and Human Services Committee has yet to schedule a hearing, so if you’re a Viking in Maine, now’s the time to send those letters.

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