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Soliton Ships Containerized Secure Mobile Access Solution

The system lets users safely run pre-authorized local and cloud-based applications inside an isolated virtual sandbox on any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a web browser. By Rich Freeman

Soliton Cyber & Analytics has introduced a secure mobile access solution that uses browser-based container technology to help roaming workers access cloud-based and on-premises solutions safely.

Called SecureShield, the new system incorporates features typically found in cloud access portal, identity and access management (IAM), and mobile device management (MDM) products. Soliton, which is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., quietly unveiled the new solution last month at file sync and share vendor Box’s annual user conference in San Francisco.

MSPs and corporate IT administrators can use SecureShield to create a menu of pre-authorized onsite and offsite applications. Users can then access those applications over an encrypted connection protected by two-factor authentication on any PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a web browser. The system’s containerized virtual workspace isolates applications from other, potentially harmful, processes and systems on the local device.

Like a cloud access portal, SecureShield presents users with a consolidated, easy to use menu of approved local applications and cloud-based applications. Like an IAM product, the system provides single sign-on access to many of those systems, including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Salesforce, Box, and Amazon Web Services. Like an MDM offering, it allows administrators to wipe containers and all of their contents off of lost or stolen devices without affecting other data and software.

Though it bears resemblances to virtual desktop infrastructure solutions, SecureShield is significantly less complicated and costly, according to Ted Fujisawa, president of Soliton Cyber & Analytics.

“With VDI, you have to [install] OSes and hypervisors, and you have to buy the licenses for Windows,” he says. SecureShield’s browser-based container spares companies those expenses, Fujisawa continues, reducing its TCO to a fifth of what VDI solutions typically cost.

Pricing for SecureShield begins at $10 per user per month, with a 10-license minimum. Per-seat rates are lower for larger orders.

According to Fujisawa, SecureShield’s container and remote wipe functionality make it an especially strong fit for companies where employees use personal devices for business purposes, as well as for kiosks and shared PCs.

By confining applications to a quarantined sandbox of their own, the system makes time-consuming and hence profit-sapping endpoint administration tasks like patching and operating system upgrades lower priorities for MSPs as well.

Established in 2016, Soliton Cyber & Analytics is a subsidiary of Japanese technology vendor Soliton Systems. In addition to SecureShield, the company makes an endpoint security management solution called InfoTrace and a two-factor authentication product named NetAttest.

An updated edition of SecureShield with support for a broader set of locally-installed applications is due to reach market early in 2018.

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