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Proofpoint Launches Solution for Stopping Fraudulent Domain Attacks

Called Domain Discover, the system combines proactive fraudulent domain scanning with Proofpoint’s threat intelligence network to stop lookalike domain email attacks before they strike. By ChannelPro

Proofpoint Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., today launched Domain Discover, a solution designed to stop lookalike domain email attacks before they strike.

The new solution leverages the entire breadth of Proofpoint’s threat intelligence network—including email, social media, SaaS applications, and mobile platforms—to protect businesses, as well as their customers and supply chain partners, from exploits hosted on fraudulent domains.

“Our new solution analyzes more than 300 million registered domains every day to shield organizations and their entire cloud-based ecosystem from fraudulent domain attacks—all before a single malicious message is delivered,” said Ryan Kalember, Proofpoint's senior vice president of cybersecurity strategy. “Organizations worldwide trust our security expertise and today’s announcement underscores our continued commitment to maximizing innovation.”

Available immediately, Proofpoint Domain Discover integrates real-time threat intelligence with fraudulent domain registration data to provide visibility, automation, and quick remediation capabilities. Prevalent in email fraud and credential phishing attacks, lookalike domain attack attempts increased by 200 percent between the first and second quarter of 2017 across Proofpoint’s customer base. According to Proofpoint research, the average volume of lookalike domains designed to spoof the brand names of Fortune 50 companies has grown 20 percent in the last year. 

Cybercriminals often purchase and register fake domains that closely mimic legitimate companies, then use them to lure victims into handing over sensitive data or money. Proofpoint's new solution seeks to stop such attacks, which can include email fraud, malware campaigns, ransomware, and credential phishing, before they reach recipients.

Most organizations lack the time and resourcres to identify lookalike domains manually . Proofpoint Domain Discover is designed to train their attention on domains that matter most by automatically flagging high-risk threats. Technicians can then block emails from suspicious source domains and submit takedown requests to third-party providers.

The Proofpoint Nexus Threat Graph also incorporates all identified suspicious domains to protect all Proofpoint customers from the malicious lookalike domains.

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