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Kaseya Showcases Portfolio-Wide Upgrades and Integrations: Page 2 of 2

The new and forthcoming enhancements are designed to help MSPs increase productivity and profitability by spending less time switching between systems, according to Kaseya exec Mike Puglia (pictured). By Rich Freeman

A further integration involving Unitrends, available now, automatically adds details about backups to Kaseya’s IT Glue documentation platform. “It will record all of the servers that are being backed up, all of the backup appliances, [and] how much is being backed up so that I no longer have to wonder what it is or go read reports,” Puglia says.

A new “suggested documentation” feature involving IT Glue, meanwhile, automatically draws on data in that system to propose remediation measures for newly filed tickets in BMS. “If it’s a low disk error, it can pull up all kinds of information about how to solve low disk areas,” Puglia explains. “We’re trying to help give more information to solve tickets, remediate them faster, be more productive.”

New integration with VSA lets IT Glue users run scripts, remote into machines, and take other administrative actions without exiting the IT Glue interface. “Normally documentation is static,” Puglia says. “We’ve changed that. Now I can actually do things with the documentation.”

Coming soon too both to IT Glue and the MyGlue end user password management system is a folder-level configuration feature that will let users assign common policies to related passwords simultaneously. “You can get as fine-grained as you want, like you can today, but you can bring it up a level and just protect a whole folder,” Puglia observes.

A planned enhancement discussed today will allow MSPs to enroll groups of end users in MyGlue at once rather than create accounts for them individually.

Due shortly as well is an extension that will let technicians open their IT Glue password vault from within the Chrome browser, and a similar feature for the Kaseya Fusion mobile app. “If I’m on the road, I’m on my mobile phone, I hit the button, I get access to all of my passwords,” Puglia says.

Headed to Network Detective, the assessment tool from Kaseya’s RapidFire Tools unit, is a Microsoft cloud assessment module that will remotely and automatically perform a risk evaluation of an end user’s Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and Teams deployments. “You don’t have to have access to the network, you don’t have to go to the customer’s environment, you don’t have to VPN in,” Puglia notes, adding that the system will produce a security report and management plan automatically based on what it observes.

The capabilities disclosed today are the latest manifestations of what’s now a quarterly research and development cycle across all of Kaseya’s holdings. Other, previously announced updates added in recent months include a self-healing remediation tool for the Unitrends platform, work-from-home assessment functionality for Network Detective, dark web monitoring functionality for Spanning’s Office 365 backup product, and a new identity and access management tool for Kaseya’s ID Agent unit.

Deep, “workflow integrations” within IT Complete, the product suite Kaseya is promoting more heavily this year, are a core part of the company’s competitive differentiation strategy. Such “workflow integrations” make MSPs more productive and profitable by reducing “the space between” systems, according to Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola during a keynote this morning.

“The space between is the time it takes for a technician to switch tasks, shift the function, retrieve a new password, look up new information, orient to a new interface, try to find some documentation from somewhere,” Voccola said. “It’s manual and it’s hard and it takes up about 50% of what a multifunctional technician does.”

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