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HPE Unveils Hybrid IT Management Portal for GreenLake IT-as-a-Service Solution

Named GreenLake Central, the new dashboard enables centralized provisioning and administration of both onsite GreenLake infrastructure and offsite workloads in the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds. By Rich Freeman

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has introduced a management plane for its GreenLake IT-as-a-service platform that enables centralized procurement and administration of both onsite and offsite workloads.

Called GreenLake Central, the new dashboard gives uses of GreenLake’s consumption-based, on-premises resources access to the same intuitive provisioning and oversight capabilities available through public clouds like Amazon Web Services for the first time, according to Erik Vogel, HPE’s vice president for customer success, hybrid cloud software and services.

“We’re providing a set of automation and orchestration tools that allow a client to provision an environment in five clicks,” he says. “We’ve digitized the GreenLake experience.”

Additional tools let users deploy a variety of applications and other workloads on top of their GreenLake infrastructure with similar ease, Vogel continues. 

“They can go in and provision an Apache web server or a VMware environment, any number of different environments, again, with three or four clicks, all sitting on top of their flexible capacity environment,” he says.

GreenLake Central also displays real-time, consolidated capacity utilization and planning data designed to help IT professionals and channel pros with IT procurement duties anticipate approaching resource shortfalls and reduce overspending on underutilized infrastructure.

“They can look more deeply at what they’re paying, and where the money is going, and where they’re spending,” Vogel notes.

The system gives administrators access to the same information for resources in the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure public clouds as well, he continues, with additional support for Google Cloud Platform to come in the future.

Additional public cloud functionality in GreenLake Central lets users monitor and manage compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS. 

“If somebody opens a firewall they’re not supposed to, it will immediately show up red on the dashboard,” Vogel says, along with “plain English” instructions for fixing the problem. HPE will add similar capabilities for onsite GreenLake workloads next spring, he adds.

Also forthcoming to GreenLake Central is an associated marketplace that will let users research and try out supplemental software-as-a-service offerings for functions like data migration and application management, among others.

“There’ll be wikis, there’ll be community groups, demos, standard materials, [and] white papers where clients can come and learn about these service capabilities on their own, like they would any other SaaS provider,” Vogel says, noting that every listing in the marketplace will offer a free tier or free trial period as well.

Solutions in the marketplace will be a mix of offerings from HPE itself, third-party ISVs, and channel pros. HPE plans to limit the volume of listings, however, to avoid overwhelming users with options.

“We don’t want to just open it up and create a giant marketplace that’s confusing and has too much in it,” Vogel says. “We’ll be kind of selective and making sure we’re picking and choosing the right services as part of that catalog.”

In development as well for future editions of GreenLake Central is a “customer experience platform” that will draw on aggregated usage and management statistics to spotlight current and emerging end user pain points. According to Vogel, channel pros can use that data to identify high-value sales opportunities among their clients.

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