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GFI Software Introduces Mobile Security Software for Android Devices

GFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium combines VIPRE antivirus technology with lost device features, parental controls, and automatic backup capabilities. By ChannelPro

Mobile protection application developer GFI Software rolled out its GFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium product last week. The solution, available in GooglePlay, is designed to provide comprehensive mobile protection to Android phones and tablets.

GFI Software Introduces Mobile Security Software for Android DevicesGFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium combines GFI Software’s VIPRE antivirus technology with lost device features, parental controls, and automatic backup capabilities. This powerful combination enables consumers to use their devices freely without having to worry about mobile viruses, identity theft, data loss or unsupervised activity.

“Consumers may be reluctant to use mobile devices for banking and online transactions due to concerns about mobile malware and other security risks,” says Mark Patton, GFI Software’s general manager of security business. “GFI VIPRE Mobile Security equips Android users with a prevention strategy that helps keep their family’s data secure and confidential.”

GFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium is designed to address four areas of Android risk: malware, data theft, child safety, and data loss.

  • VIRUS/MALWARE PROTECTION -- Advanced antivirus for Android keeps hackers out. Developed by the same experts who created GFI’s VIPRE Antivirus software for PCs, VIPRE Mobile Security’s antivirus technology defends smartphones and tablets from more than 10,000 known Android viruses.
  • DATA THEFT PROTECTION -- Lost device features remotely protect missing and stolen devices. GFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium’s lost device features enable Android users to locate a lost device and secure the data on it. From the VIPRE Mobile Security website, consumers are able to sound an alarm on a phone or tablet, view a device’s most recent location, lock a device to keep strangers or thieves out, and wipe all personal information and data to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
  • ACTIVITY MONITORING -- For concerned parents who are looking for an easy way to supervise their children’s mobile usage, the activity monitoring feature records and stores all important device activities, including incoming and outgoing phone numbers, sent and received text messages, and browsed websites. Location tracking allows them to view a complete history of a device’s location over a period of time.
  • DATA BACKUP -- VIPRE Mobile Security Premium’s online backup functionality securely stores contacts, pictures, bookmarks, user dictionaries and other data - enabling consumers to quickly and safely recover personal information in the event their device is lost or stolen.

GFI VIPRE Mobile Security Premium is now available for purchase in Google Play. Android users have the option to trial the Premium features at no cost for 30 days. At the end of the trial period, users can purchase the Premium version or continue to use the freemium application, which includes antivirus technology, lost device alarm functionality, and online backup of contacts.

Android users can purchase VIPRE Mobile Security Premium for 99 cents per month or $9.95 annually. Payments can be made through in-app billing with Google Checkout.


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