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Cytracom Introduces Major Expansion and Enhancement of its Unified Communications Platform: Page 2 of 2

Changes to the company’s offerings include its first mobile app, first browser-based desktop app, first SMS messaging tool, and first custom-designed desk phone, as well as all-new Office 365 integration, new pricing plans, and heavier volume discounts. By Rich Freeman

Technicians can update that directory on all of a client’s phones at once, or make other changes, using the Cytracom platform’s centralized management feature. “I can make one change and it’s pushed out to all the devices,” Conkle notes. “I don’t have to roll a vehicle. I don’t have to VPN in or remote in to a computer.” D2 phones arrive pre-provisioned as well, he adds, so there’s no setup required after unboxing.

Cytracom’s new pricing scheme adds two alternatives to the single subscription the company offered in the past. That legacy package, which is now called the C1 plan, includes unlimited calling and the new mobile and desktop apps. Users can then pick and choose additional features like SMS messaging and visual voicemail from a menu of add-ons provided for extra fees. The new C2 plan includes the base functionality plus all of those add-ons for one flat monthly fee. A third “Mobile & Web” plan targeted at highly mobile users rarely at an office comes with the same features as the C2 plan but doesn’t include free desk phones.

Pricing starts at $29.95 a month per user for the C1 plan, $32.95 for the C2 plan, and $24.95 for the mobile/web plan. Existing Cytracom customers who stick with the C1 plan will pay the same monthly rate as they did before. “Everybody that’s priced where they’re at will continue to stay where they’re at,” Conkle says. “They’re basically grandfathered in.”

Volume discounts introduced today will enable users to make more margin on larger deals. In the past, only deals involving 40 or more seats were eligible for price cuts. Cytracom has now lowered that figure to 20, and added deeper price breaks for 50-seat and 100-seat sales. “At the top tier, the users see about a 40 percent discount off the list price,” Conkle states.

Partners can use Cytracom’s overhauled proposal generator, which is available immediately, to get pricing for any of the vendor’s plans. The new tool features an automated, wizard-based UI designed to make preparing bids simpler for MSPs and their salespeople.

Simplicity, Conkle emphasizes, is the unifying theme behind all of the tools and updates Cytracom unveiled today. “We truly want to be the easiest solution for an MSP to not only sell, but to install and support on an ongoing basis,” he says, noting that less manual intervention means more profit for channel pros who make their money in flat recurring installments.

Only a vendor that sells to and through MSPs exclusively, he argues, would make such a consideration the foundation for its entire platform and go-to-market strategy. “Everything that our product and our engineering team is pushing out is all geared towards this community,” Conkle says.

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