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AirCover Locator App Tracks People

The new app will help you find colleagues, friends and loved ones. Users set up location-based alerts and randomly check in on where participants have been hanging out. By Rachel Cericola

Where have you been all afternoon? That question always seems to have a bit of suspicion attached to it. Instead of sounding like you're prying or a bit of a broken record, you can keep your nosiness to yourself and just check the AirCover Family Locator app.

The AirCover Family Locator app is a people-locator that was just launched by BlueSprig for the iPhone and Android devices. Just download the software to each device that you want to keep tabs on and start peeping. The app allows users to set up location-based alerts and randomly check in on where participants have been hanging out.

And yes, even though it has the word “Family” in the product name, it can also be used to keep tabs on your coworkers and employees -- even if some of those aren't your actual family members.

Want to know when someone leaves their house in the morning or arrives at the office? Just check the app!

Another nifty perk is that the app has a bit of GPS built in, so you can see just how far someone is from a certain location or another person you have signed into the app. It also has a “Footprints” feature, which will show you where a user has been over the past few days.

Also, there are plenty of emergency response options, allowing users to instantly stay in touch with each other or locate the closest police, hospital or fire station.

Don't worry about adding new members, because that option is free and doesn't require too much of a setup process. Speaking of free: the AirCover Family Locator is currently free on iTunes and at the Google Play Store. However, that's just a limited-time offer. Snag your freebie before the company jacks the download price up to $2.99.

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