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SD-WAN adoption is starting to extend down from the midmarket, and managed service providers are getting on the bandwagon. By Colleen Frye
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SD-WAN uses multiple connection methods to optimize network and application performance, saving bandwidth costs and boosting use
EARLY ADOPTERS were midmarket and larger organizations, but now SMBs with multiple locations are starting to reap benefits too.
MSPs CAN CAPITALIZE on this growing market by helping customers implement solutions or building out SD-WAN practices.

While not every SMB requires SD-WAN, it can make a difference for those that do, Lojewski says. “If they have a need for more speed and they want that extra redundancy, then it's a perfect fit for a couple of hundred bucks a month” plus the cost of the secondary carrier.

MSPs have an important role to play in this market too, according to Ballema. “Technology is moving so fast and it's changing so quickly that it's hard to keep up. [Organizations] need a partner like MNJ to help them evaluate this stuff.”

He likens the trajectory of SD-WAN to unified communications. “Six years ago, there wasn't a CIO in America that would be willing to take their PBX and put it in the cloud. Now you can't find any firm out there that doesn't have UCaaS. I put SD-WAN in that same category. We're certainly not there yet, but at some point this technology is going to be everywhere. So the market opportunity for firms to go out there and sell and manage this stuff … is exponentially massive.”

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