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Take a tour through our latest batch of overlooked, up-and-coming, and lesser-known vendors in managed services, cloud computing, security, and the Internet of Things. By Rich Freeman


Remote work is the security challenge no one knew they had until COVID-19 came along. Now it’s top of mind for everyone. LocalZone, by Venn, is designed to help end users employ home computers for work purposes by creating an encrypted “secure enclave” for business data that’s safely walled off from everything else on the device. Configurable policies then determine which applications can access that data, where data can be saved, and whether or not downloads, copying, screen sharing, and other actions are permitted. Venn calls the system a “virtual desktop alternative” that provides the security advantages of a VDI solution at less cost. 

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Most ordinary businesses use lots of nontraditional IoT gear. Most healthcare businesses use even more, in examining rooms, laboratories, waiting areas, and beyond. Asimily’s software helps medical clients discover and classify those devices, identify and prioritize their vulnerabilities, execute remediation measures, and then keep the environment safe going forward by alerting administrators about anomalous behavior. Integrated out of the box with security solutions from Aruba, Cisco, Fortinet, and many others, it gives channel pros with healthcare customers a potential one-stop-shopping approach to safeguarding the Internet of Medical Things.


Like Asimily, Ordr’s agentless technology automatically finds, categorizes, and protects IoMT hardware. It also, however, supports other IoT gear, PCs, servers, and operational technologies. In addition to calling out vulnerabilities, the system lets organizations apply automated policies proactively on a device-specific basis and enforce ad hoc policies reactively during incidents. Built-in “time machine” functionality lets users roll back the clock to see how newly discovered indicators of compromise may have impacted devices in previously undetected attacks. Another trait the solution shares with Asimily’s is a long list of integration partners.

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