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Location-based IoT services may be the most horizontal of all IoT opportunities, so there’s prospects aplenty for channel pros. By James E. Gaskin

As a location service, LocationSmart brings in data from tracked IoT devices across any and all networks available, presents that data on a dashboard with customizable reports, and provides it to the vendor using its products.

Managing that data is the part of the LBS project that integrators often forget about, says Marcq. "Integrators are surprised at how complex it gets to mine the data they'll get," but that's what customers need. "For example, a herd of cattle with location tags connecting over a private LoRaWAN network will create a big data problem," if you don’t know how to glean business intelligence from it, he explains.

Integrators interested in offering LBS should look to solve needs for their existing customers, many of whom may own, sell, or use expensive items that are mobile and need to be tracked. For instance, many companies build schedules around materials deliveries, says Proietti, so knowing exactly where a shipment is and when it will arrive dictates personnel time. Also, when sending finished products, companies often track packages to stop thefts and delivery disputes.

“Define exactly what the customer needs," suggests Marcq. "What is the end goal? Who gets the data? How is the data collected? Displayed?" He acknowledges this may sound difficult at first, but there are plenty of techniques for getting the job done. "Integrators have the ability to provide cloud logins and networking of the kinds needed for LBS. They have a good idea of how data moves, so they can get the data back, collecting and maintaining the important data."

Proietti notes that this is a growing market, "and LBS will continue to grow."

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