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ICYMI: Our Channel News Roundup for the Week of September 12th

Security software updates from HPE, an M&A-palooza, and an inadvertently risqué product claim from Apple were all among the stories we didn’t find time to cover this week. By Rich Freeman

Wasn’t it considerate of IT vendors to ease off the news throttle this week while all of us at ChannelPro were staging another of our genuinely wonderful SMB Forum events in Washington DC?

Oh wait, that’s right. They didn’t ease off the news throttle this week. In fact, they kind of ramped up the news cycle when we were least prepared to keep pace. Jerks. Anyway, here’s what they were up to while we were otherwise occupied.

HPE SecurityDidn’t get enough Hewlett Packard Enterprise news this week? Well, don’t blame us. We were all over the partner program and product line changes HPE announced at its Global Partner Conference in Boston. On the other hand, we were too wrapped up at our own event to post a story about the security analytics, application security, and data security product updates HPE announced at its other conference this week, the Protect 2016 event in National Harbor, Md. And yes, the updated products in question are all among the solutions recently acquired by Micro Focus in HPE’s big software sell-off. Call it a going away present, I guess.

If only HPE had been equally considerate about the timing on its announcement that Arista Networks is now its preferred networking partner for software-defined infrastructure solutions. Had that come just a touch earlier we probably would have had time to mention it to you earlier as well.

IntermediaBut enough griping about HPE. Let’s gripe about all the companies that chose the week of our conference, not to mention HP’s acquisition of Samsung’s printer business, to make M&A announcements. We’re talking, of course, about:

SharePoint Online Usage ReportAnd don’t think we’re letting you off the hook, Microsoft. Just a few days after a positively sleepy news week you waited until we were distracted elsewhere to tell the world that:

Attention, nerds! There’s one last Microsoft story you’ll want to know about. In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, Microsoft is doling out bonus points to members of its rewards program for buying or renting selected Star Trek titles in the Windows Store. As if watching The Trouble with Tribbles one more time wasn’t reward enough.

ViewSonic Gaming MonitorBut let’s get back to berating vendors that made product news this week behind our back. Because there are a lot of them. For example:

Benioff and ProphetBut why limit ourselves to complaining about product news? There were all too many other notable vendor stories this week too. For instance:

  • Armor and FlexManage announced a partnership aimed at adding “military-grade” security capabilities to on-premises, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure infrastructures.
  • Avast extended its tender offer for shares of AVG, the managed services and security software vendor it’s been in the process of purchasing since July.
  • Avnet disclosed that its Avnet Government Solutions subsidiary has added products from CommVault to its General Services Administration product schedule.
  • Container technology leader Docker introduced a new tiered partner program.
  • OpenText bought Documentum and the rest of Dell EMC’s enterprise content management software portfolio.
  • Salesforce appointed ex-Microsoft executive Tony Prophet (pictured, right, two years ago with his new boss, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff) its first chief equality officer.

This week’s stats ticker:

Censored!Quick! What’s worse for a storage vendor than being sued over identity theft? Howz about being sued by your own employees over identity theft? That’s the unfortunate situation the folks at Seagate find themselves in now that someone in HR apparently shared a bunch of employee W2 forms with the perpetrator of a phishing attack, who is allegedly already putting the ill-gotten data to malicious use.

Pretty grim, but perhaps not as grim for a major technology vendor as discovering that you’ve just rolled out an ad campaign for your brand new smartphone in the world’s most populous country with a more or less nonsensical slogan that in some dialects sounds a whole lot like “this is penis.”

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