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From conferencing solutions to digital signage systems to data collection at the North Pole, these mini-PCs are showing their might. By James E. Gaskin

SimplyNUC has seen customers put its NUCs in unusual places too, says Deatherage. Some examples include inside a navigation system for a yacht, and at the North Pole to support data collection for research parties.

In addition, several drone companies are using battery-powered NUCs to provide services like GPS and guidance. The funny part, says Deatherage, is that another customer is using the NUC to run equipment that detects and destroys drones. "Kind of a NUC versus NUC situation."

While some customers may be skeptical of the NUC’s capabilities, Deatherage says “seeing is believing.” He adds, "Customers still ask if we can run Windows on these little boxes. We scale from an Atom processor to an i7 in a 4 x 4 NUC."

Combined with this kind of power, the NUC’s compact footprint is appealing. "Size always wins," says Valich. "Customers bought big towers because they thought they needed towers to get powerful graphics. We've replaced lots of corporate workstation towers with NUCs." Now those workstations can be carried in a backpack or briefcase.

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