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June 10, 2024 |

4 Companies Join Pax8 Marketplace, Offering Solutions, Automation, More

Pax8 Marketplace now includes Auvik, Kalibr8, SuperOps, and MSPbots, offering stronger links between partners, vendors, and SMBs through AI-powered insights and comprehensive product support.

MSP can expect more opportunities to grow their businesses, thanks to several new offerings through the Pax8 Marketplace.

Pax8 introduced four vendors in its next-generation marketplace, it announced during the Pax8 Beyond 2024 conference in Denver this week:

The Pax8 Marketplace is a link between partners, vendors, and small to midsized businesses (SMBs) through AI-powered insights and comprehensive product support.

Ben McGahon of Kalibr8 on joining the Pax8 Marketplace.

Ben McGahon

Key Offerings for MSPs

Each of these vendors provide MSPs solutions and platforms to better service their clients, plus grow their own businesses.

“Why Pax8? Well, the answer is obvious. It’s probably the best, most effective marketplace for MSPs of all sizes,” Kalibr8 Founder and CEO Ben McGahon told ChannelPro. “We want to make sure that we aren’t just a product targeting the large [companies]. We want to be a product that’s democratized to the MSP community.”

MSPbots CEO Daniel Wang said it also will allow his company to work with more services providers. “The Pax8 Marketplace has such wide range of outreach with our clients and the people we can potentially help. I think this is really going to empower the channel and will put MSPbots in more peoples’ hand to just make their lives much easier.”

The addition of new partners to the Pax8 marketplace presents a valuable opportunity for MSPs to diversify their service offerings. This way, they can better meet the evolving needs of their clients. The expanded range of tools and solutions enhances efficiency, improves client satisfaction, and may increase revenue streams.

Monitoring and Automation

The partnership with SuperOps was noteworthy. It is the only PSA and RMM platform in the PSA marketplace right now, Arvind Parthiban, CEO and co-founder of SuperOps, told ChannelPro.

Arvind Parthiban of SuperOps shares insights on joining Pax8 Marketplace.

SuperOps CEO Arvind Parthiban takes to the stage during Pax8 Beyond 2024.

“It is an all-in-one solution; this is a futuristic platform where we want to bring in more insights to the MSPs. The way we have built the product as an integrated platform with AI as a future and integration with Pax8, you get the full picture where an MSP can be profitable from where they are growing now, and insights will seamlessly flow through our platform and Pax8.”

Another reason this partnership worked so well was because both SuperOps and Pax8 are disruptors, added Juan Fernandez, SuperOps U.S. and global channel chief.

“One of the big keys to making a partnership work is alignment. When you’re thinking about Pax8’s archetype and you think about SuperOps, both of us have come to disrupt the space where we saw a problem. That being said, we’re both here to solve that problem. So this partnership was a true alliance of trying to solve the problem of a partner.”

The Wow Factor

Steve Petryschuk of Auvik talks about joining the Pax8 Marketplace

Steve Petryschuk

Auvik’s motivation for joining the Pax8 Marketplace had to do with its “Auvik Way.” Among the company’s seven key tenets is one that focuses on wowing its customers, Director of New Products Steve Petryschuk told ChannelPro.

“I like to think about this Pax 8 Marketplace announcement of Auvik’s as supporting that. It’s all about making all of this available to our customers however they prefer to purchase. The value proposition that Pax8 has for their partners to be able to consolidate vendors, billing, and subscriptions, that’s a strong value prop, especially for the MSP who wants to be more focused on client-facing activities, not billing, reconciliation, quoting, and all that.”

Navigating the Ecosystem

It’s essential for MSPs to thoroughly vet new offerings. They must consider how the offerings integrate with existing systems and align with their clients’ specific needs. Staying informed about these updates and adapting to the changing technology landscape will ensure that IT services providers leverage cutting-edge solutions and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The new resources available through the Pax8 Marketplace can help MSPs bolster their service portfolios and strengthen their position as trusted advisors in the rapidly evolving world of IT services.

“We have a distinct advantage here where our own product is the marketplace as a whole,” Rob Rae, Pax8 corporate vice president of community and ecosystems, told ChannelPro. “We can look at the landscape from a 10,000-mile view without saying, ‘You need this product with that product,’ because once you’ve decided, “Yes, I need that type of technology,” you’ve got lots of choices through us.”

Image: DALL-E

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