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June 3, 2024 |

SaaSAssure Makes a Splash with New SaaS App Data Backup Platform

The SaaSAssure platform offers MSPs comprehensive, secure, and easy-to-use backup solutions for SaaS apps, addressing a critical market need and providing an unparalleled opportunity for revenue.

The SaaS market is booming and the march toward greater adoption is accelerating. And one company announced a new MSP-friendly backup platform, SaaSAssure, to fill the need.

Over 99% of companies will use at least one SaaS solution by the end of 2024 and SaaS will power 85% of all business applications by 2025. Most SaaS vendors just don’t offer enough data protection, according to SaaSAssure, a leader in the backup and recover space for more than three decades.

That’s where SaaSAssure comes in. SaasAssure Chief Revenue Officer Stephen Thomas highlighted three major advantages that the platform was purpose-built with: broad application support, ease-of-use, and secure-by-design architecture.

SaaSAssure Infographic

“The average U.S. company is using 137 SaaS applications, mostly in productivity, collaboration, sales, and marketing,” Thomas noted. “Think about the top apps that SMBs are using: M365, Hubspot, BambooHR, DropBox, DocuSign. There’s a lot of critical data there.”

Many businesses mistakenly believe the terms of service cover them, but they often don’t. So, SaaSAssure posts the language for many of them on its homepage.

“So, if you’re an MSP and you are not protecting these applications, either there’s massive risk for the customer, or somebody else is offering that protection and you’re missing that part of the revenue journey,” Thomas said. “We’re offering multitenant architecture that protects those core business applications in a very simple way. It’s designed to be so easy that a level 1 tech can implement and manage it.”


  • SaaS Data Protection: Broadest SaaS app coverage featuring data assurance and control as well as risk and compliance mitigation.
  • Secure by Design: Several advanced security capabilities, including industry-first multiperson approvals (MPA), multifactor authentication (MFA), AES 256-bit encryption, ransomware protection and more.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Choice of backup targets include SaaSAssure Cloud Storage, bring your own storage (BYOS), or data sovereignty.
  • Quick to Set up and Easy to Use: From start to protection in under 5 minutes.
  • Single Console Management: Multitenant capable single dashboard for required actions and notifications to maximize IT resources.
  • The Convergence of AI and Data Management: Detailed and accurate data analysis with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

SaaS Security Matters

The major thrust of SaaSAssure’s pitch is security. Attacks targeting SaaS applications grew by 300% in Q1/Q2 last year, and threat actors view it as the “new honeypot,” Thomas explained.

Stephen Thomas - Chief Revenue Officer SaaSAssure

Stephen Thomas

“More generally, there’s a lot risk when it comes to SaaS applications and who has access,” he continued. “Perhaps there’s data loss when a client migrates from on-prem to online. Or let’s say you have a ticked off CPA who is running QuickBooks and feels they aren’t being treated well. So they delete or corrupt that instance of QuickBooks online. These are scenarios that might be disruptive but not devastating if the company uses SaaSAssure.”

One of the most powerful features of the new platform is MPA, or multiperson approvals. SaaSAssure can prevent a single individual from carrying out potentially harmful actions and allowing for mutual control between MSPs and their customers. While multifactor authentication (MFA) is common in the industry, the idea of multiple parties sharing responsibility is unique. The result is a significant reduction in the harm that an attacker can inflict.

Eric Simmons CEO SaaSAssure

Eric Simmons

“On top of that, keep in mind that a lot of data deletion happens accidentally, through misconfigurations and things like that. There are seven aspects within the software that can be protected by requiring multiple people to review and approve, such as changing retention policies, deleting data, changing the backup location to a different location,” said SaaSAssure CEO Eric Simmons.


More Reasons to Use SaaSAssure

SaaSAssure’s management team emphasizes the importance of being an “ideal partner” for MSPs. With the initial M365 bundle, SaaSAssure will offer unlimited storage, no long-term commitments, and straightforward per app/per user/per month pricing structure. The no-commitment MSP price for M365 backups is $1.17, which is a compelling price point for the value that is being delivered.

“Want to make sure our partners have the most significant opportunity to retain margin and deliver world class service to their customers,” Thomas said.

Images: iStock, SaaSAssure

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