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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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May 6, 2024 |

Utimaco Extends Trust as a Service Cloud Marketplace with General Purpose HSM

The streamlined marketplace provides simplified deployment and delivery options.

SAN FRANCISCO and AACHEN, Germany — Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, announced its expanded Trust as a Service marketplace with new features and deployment options. The enhanced marketplace enables businesses to choose between on-premises or cloud-based options seamlessly in a single-pane view. Utimaco’s General Purpose Hardware Security Module (HSM) as a Service allows customers to reduce capital and labor costs without the need for a dedicated server room, secure environment set-up, or data center selection.

Trust as a Service offers customers:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership: Eliminates on-site expenses and hardware investments while also cutting down hardware and staffing costs.
  • Flexible deployment and easy scalability: Trust as a Service seamlessly meshes with current business operations, adapts with agility, and can be effortlessly scaled to meet a business’ unique needs.
  • Backed by high-security physical setup: Trust as a Service is equipped with proven HSM technology and delivers the most robust security that’s trusted by critical infrastructure, with four data centers and six local zones deployed globally.

The Trust as a Service marketplace now offers the following services with more on the roadmap:

  • General Purpose HSM as a Service: Provides access to high-security HSMs fully hosted by Utimaco, but under the customer’s sole remote control, enabling secure key generation, storage, and management with no setup, maintenance, or implementation effort required.
  • Payment Hardware Security Module as a Service: Offers a suite of fully managed services as an alternative to operating a self-owned estate of Payment HSMs in data centers. No investment in hardware, secure facilities, or management resources needed.
  • File and Folder Encryption as a Service: Expedient go-live solution that protects files and folders against unauthorized internal and external access, irrespective of data storage location, whether at rest or in motion.
  • Key Exchange and Escrow as a Service: Provides trusted cryptographic key management with round-the-clock access to staff for execution of reliable and secure on-demand cryptographic key operations.
  • eInvoice Signature as a Service: Provides eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures to ensure trust in invoices. It enables businesses to generate, validate, and archive Qualified Electronic Signatures.
  • Device Attestation as a Service: Establishes unique identities for IoT devices, enhancing security and enabling remote management for effortless control over cryptographic key injection, ensuring integrity and trustworthiness throughout operations.
  • Timestamp as a Service: Provides Qualified Electronic Timestamps, enables eIDAS-compliant proof of time and content, and allows organizations to gather trustworthy legal evidence that a document has remained unaltered.

Mathias T. Eng, CEO, PROREGIA, said: “Choosing Utimaco’s General Purpose HSM as a Service allowed us to extend our security services to legacy devices with severe hardware and software constraint. The seamless collaboration and partnership with their team have been outstanding. Their service reliability ensures we can protect our customers medical devices against cybersecurity threats.”

Hacan Tiwemark, COO, Utimaco, said: “With the enhanced Trust as a Service marketplace, we’re providing our customers with an interconnected service offering that empowers them to manage their cybersecurity needs online and flexibly. We’re removing the technical burden from them in the areas where we’re experts, so they can focus fully on their area of expertise.”

About Utimaco

Utimaco is a global platform provider of trusted cybersecurity and compliance solutions and services with headquarters in Aachen (Germany) and Campbell, CA (USA). Utimaco develops on-premises and cloud-based hardware security modules, solutions for key management, data protection and identity management, as well as data intelligence solutions for regulated critical infrastructures and Public Warning Systems. Utimaco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in its key market segments.

Five hundred-plus employees around the globe create innovative solutions and services to protect data, identities, and communication networks with responsibility for global customers and citizens. Customers and partners in many different industries value the reliability and long-term investment security of Utimaco’s high-security products and solutions. Find out more on

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