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March 13, 2024 |

ConnectWise Gets ‘Smarter’ with AI-powered RPA

The company’s newest capabilities focus on hyper-automation through the addition of smart bots, enhanced workflows, and other features.

Robotic process automation (RPA) has fundamentally changed the business landscape. It has ushered in efficiencies that would have been unimaginable in the past. Now, RPA is gaining a new superpower: artificial intelligence.

In February, ConnectWise announced an array of added AI features to its core platforms, ConnectWise RPA and ConnectWise Sidekick. These capabilities focus on hyper-automation through the addition of smart bots, enhanced workflows, and other features that plug into the company’s Asio Platform.

Mike Bloomfield

The focus is on boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and accelerating business growth, according to ConnectWise.

“The addition of AI to RPA and automation brings about smarter, more adaptable systems that can learn and improve over time,” said Mike Bloomfield, president of Tekie Geek, a Staten Island, NY MSP.

How should MSPs approach this announcement? With caution, advises Eric Weast, president of ECW Network & IT Solutions, an MSP in Deerfield Beach, FL. “There are advantages to using AI with RPM but there’s also a need to build out workflows and processes that can take advantage of it. Without the right logic, things can go haywire.”

Bots change everything

The idea behind marrying AI and RPA is boosting speed, accuracy, and consistency, noted Jeff Bishop, executive vice president and general manager of Unified Monitoring and Management at ConnectWise. The firm aims to drive business growth for MSPs by “enabling our partners to automate daily tasks and operate more efficiently.”

ConnectWise has focused the AI features on four key areas:

  • Streamlined search experience. An RPA bot on the platform’s search screen simplifies the task of identifying appropriate bots that can be plugged into RPAs.
  • Enhanced onboarding. The solution delivers warning messages for empty device configurations and missing parts during Microsoft onboarding. This also mitigates security risks.
  • Improved limitations. It offers enhanced site mapping capabilities that lead to improved efficiency and accuracy in RPA operations.
  • Streamlined device and client management. Device and company sorting features in RPA bot input forms make it easier for users to navigate and manage resources.

“The ConnectWise announcement signifies the company’s commitment to integrating AI with RPA, potentially positioning them as innovators in the MSP space,” Bloomfield said. “AI’s significance lies in its ability to enhance the tool’s responsiveness and efficiency, thus providing real-time assistance and insights to MSPs.”

AI transforms work

The significance of embedding AI into Sidekick shouldn’t be overlooked, Bloomfield said. There’s potential for increased automation efficiency, improved service quality, earlier detection of issues, and the ability to offer more advanced and differentiated services to MSP clients. The platform can also lead to UX and UI improvements, he added.

“MSPs should communicate to clients how these enhanced capabilities directly benefit them, and how these capabilities lead to a more reliable and lower cost IT environment.”

Eric Weast of ECW Network & IT Solutions

Eric Weast

At the same time, setting realistic expectations is vital, Weast explained. “Establishing complex workflows that take advantage of AI and automation can take time and money. It’s also important to recognize that the technology can’t fix inefficient or broken processes.”

Finally, MSP leaders must communicate to staff that the AI isn’t designed to take away their jobs; it’s there to enhance their work and add value for clients.

“It’s important to educate staff, train them how to use the platform and make sure it’s being used correctly, efficiently and in a highly secure way,” Weast said.

RPA advances

MSPs that effectively combine consulting expertise with AI-powered RPAs are likely to see an uptick in service quality and higher customer satisfaction rates.

It’s easier to customize, design and implement custom actions — while focusing on a more dynamic and personalized approach to workflow integration. This includes deeper integration of APIs and an enhanced ability to orchestrate third-party actions.

The introduction of AI and bots to RPA represents the future of managed services, Bloomfield said.

“The space is likely to evolve toward even more sophisticated AI applications, with a focus on predictive analytics, autonomous decision-making, and personalized automation solutions tailored to specific industry needs.”

Image: iStock

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