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February 10, 2023 |

ConnectWise Adds ChatGPT-Based Scripting to RMM Solutions

Introduced just 72 days after ChatGPT’s debut, a new integration between the OpenAI technology on one side and both ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM on the other aims to help technicians automate ticket resolution processes faster.

ConnectWise has introduced an integration between ChatGPT, OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence system, and its own ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise RMM solutions.

The new functionality draws on ChatGPT’s conversational, large language model technology to automate scripting, resulting in what ConnectWise says will be faster ticket resolution and greater customer satisfaction.

The ChatGPT integration runs on Asio, the next-generation platform first introduced late in 2021 that will eventually host all of ConnectWise’s applications.

“Leveraging OpenAI’s advanced language processing capabilities within our Asio platform and ConnectWise’s remote monitoring and management tools, partners can quickly and easily write complex scripts, saving them time and resources,” said Ameer Karim, general manager and executive vice president of unified monitoring and management at ConnectWise, in a media statement. “We are thrilled to announce this integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a true game-changer for the IT industry. We look forward to rolling this out to our partners starting this month and extending these AI capabilities to solve other use cases across additional ConnectWise solutions. These advanced AI solutions take our offering to a whole new level.”

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, which quickly became a global sensation, on November 30th last year. ConnectWise rolled out its ChatGPT-based functionality just 72 days later. 

“The explosive growth of artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT present huge potential in the technology sector, particularly in use cases for MSPs,” said Raghu Bongula, ConnectWise’s CTO, in prepared remarks. “ConnectWise has long been a pioneer in building innovative solutions for MSPs, and we’ve been prototyping with AI for some time; our engineers love challenging tasks and finding new ways to solve problems for our partners. We had plans to bring AI to our RMM and the ConnectWise Asio platform later this year, but with OpenAI, this accelerated our launch plans. We’re excited to add this as a core capability within Asio.”

Solutions built on Asio are faster, more reliable, more scalable, and more secure, ConnectWise says. The platform enables developers to code and ship features like the OpenAI integration announced today much faster as well, according to ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee in a conversation with ChannelPro last November during the vendor’s IT Nation Connect event in Orlando.

“Our ability to move quicker, our ability to innovate and do stuff and create new solutions on top of that platform, is going to be great for the MSPs,” he said.

Microsoft, which has a strategic relationship with OpenAI dating back to 2019 and billions of dollars invested in the company, grabbed headlines earlier this week when it announced that its Bing search engine and Edge browser will both soon tap into OpenAI technologies. Those upgrades are further from final than ConnectWise’s, however.

A crop of managed services automation startups—including MSPbots, Rewst, and most recently Pia—also use AI, though not OpenAI’s artificial intelligence engine, to streamline time-consuming, profit-sapping tasks like password resets and adding or removing users. 

Though ConnectWise and its leading rivals, including Kaseya and N-able, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate a variety of actions, ConnectWise is the first managed services suite maker to build AI-based process automation into its RMM software. The company says it’s also the first software vendor in the managed services space to release an OpenAI integration of any kind.

The integration between ChatGPT and ConnectWise Automate is that RMM system’s first Asio-based component. Parts of ConnectWise PSA and all of ConnectWise RMM were running on the new platform as of last November.

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