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Acer America Corp. is a computer manufacturer of business and consumer PCs, notebooks, ultrabooks, projectors, servers, and storage products.


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June 13, 2019 |

Aerohive Drives Enterprise Networking Innovation at Cloud-Speed

Cloud-managed networking leader launches two new technological advances, powered by AI and Machine Learning, to meet four key demands of the enterprise

Aerohive Networks†(NYSE: HIVE), a leader in cloud-managed networking, unveiled two new innovations that further strengthen Aerohive’s cloud-managed networking vision. Through extensive interviews with customers, partners and industry analysts, Aerohive has identified that the enterprise demands not just a fast network, but a F.A.S.T. future:

  • Flexibility†in deployment, hardware, licensing, expansion, and upgrade options;
  • Actionable Insights†driven by ML/AI to better understand and automatically characterize and optimize infrastructure and clients;
  • Security†across the network, to protect against the rising tide of cyberattacks;
  • Technology Innovations†that provide new features, functionality, comparative insights, and hardware developed and delivered at Cloud-speed to meet ever-increasing demands placed on the infrastructure by an ever-increasing amount and diversity of clients connecting to the infrastructure.

Aerohive has always pioneered new technologies that enable IT to rethink what’s possible. Aerohive’s high-velocity innovation engine and its F.A.S.T. direction are intrinsically linked to the highly flexible, ISO 27001 certified, modern microservices based Cloud Architecture with native Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver continuous learning, continuous operation, and continuous optimization.

Aerohive launches two new technologies that use AI and Machine Learning to provide behavioral insights that empower Wi-Fi management and implementation decisions at scale:

  • Traffic Insights†uses presence and proximity based on Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth LE (BLE) to provide deep insights into client behavior.
  • Maximum Client Capabilities†automatically detects and verifies Wi-Fi features and capabilities on all connected clients across all Wi-Fi bands, thereby empowering informed Wi-Fi management at scale.

“The enterprise is facing a myriad of new challenges both in how they can deploy and manage their networks, and in the demands for client devices and applications,” said David Flynn, CEO, Aerohive. “Our vision for the future of enterprise networking, and these new technologies we’re launching tackle those challenges head-on. Aerohive is giving the enterprise the flexibility, insights, security and advanced technology they need for their networks to successfully support their growing businesses today, and tomorrow.”

Traffic Insights†gives administrators graphical visibility and analysis of sets of associated and passive Wi-Fi and BLE clients for their connections and movement patterns across customer-defined zones. Customers can also track an individual client or asset for their current location and their movement over a period of time. Businesses can use Traffic Insights to analyze their asset usage patterns to optimize their business for layout, placement of their services and merchandise, and demand planning.

Maximum Client Capabilities†enhances Aerohive’s already existing, industry-leading AI and ML-driven management capabilities, such as†Network 360†and†Client 360. The technology alleviates the high OPEX and time tied to network specialists’ dependency on manual, complex, and expensive equipment in order to capture, parse, and understand specific client device capabilities, one capture at a time. These new insights give administrators a clear view of how to unlock the full potential of their networks and clients with minimal effort.

“Traffic Insights and Maximum Client Capabilities are pivotal updates to our networking infrastructure,” said Chris Gapske, principal network administrator, Apricity Resources. “Not only will they put our company in a position for better business, they’ll make sure we are primed for success as enterprise networking of the future becomes more of a present reality.”

“Aerohive helps our business stay ahead of the curve when it comes to network technologies, such as being the first to open up options with the next generation of Wi-Fi,” said Elton Lima, information technology manager, JCDecaux. “Aerohive enables us to stay future-proofed with new network management functionality, insights, and security features within the HiveManager cloud platform. Its strength of vision has helped JCDecaux realize ever-increasing value from our enterprise network.”

“As businesses have become more connected, the Wi-Fi network has grown in importance,” said Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst, ZK Research. “Today, high-quality Wi-Fi is mandatory for success with digital transformation initiatives.†The challenge for most companies is that Wi-Fi has historically been difficult to troubleshoot.†The 2018 ZK Research Wi-Fi Troubleshooting survey found that 58 percent of network professionals spend more than 25 percent of their time problem-solving Wi-Fi issues as people can no longer analyze data fast enough to stay on top of issues in highly dynamic environments.†The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage Wi-Fi is the only scalable way to deliver high-quality Wi-Fi today.†By delivering this as a cloud service, Aerohive is making this capability available to companies of all sizes.”

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